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Translator George Trail’s Backstory


United Kingdom, April 11, 2023— George Trail was born in Reading on 9 February 1983. It can be argued that he was destined for a distinguished career with an arts/humanities focus from an early age. For when he started school, while it was acknowledged that he required “special guidance” (he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at birth), he quickly managed to gain a reputation for creative writing which earned him a heightened level of appreciation and respect – his teachers noted his talent for foreign languages in particular, such as his marked ability to master grammar with ease and his memory for new vocabulary. While he generally kept a low profile both inside and outside the classroom, he would eventually go on to take a degree in French and German; and after leaving university he would eventually become a self-employed translator working from home, and today he translates from both of these languages into English for a living. At the time of writing, he has clients (including several repeat clients) all over the globe, and translating has been his sole source of income for 14 years.

To provide more details about his career: George has translated plenty of legal documents (including contracts and legislation). He has translated plenty of business-related material (including tenders and end-of-year reports, as well as professional references of aspiring candidates; not to mention presentation material and content, and company website copy). He has translated academic articles (textbook articles). He has translated medical documents (mostly patient treatment reports). He has translated technical material (the list includes technical illustrations and instruction manuals and safety regulations and documents which
outline scheduled plans, for individual companies). He even once agreed to do a project the topic of which was foreign language lessons of all things – even though the original included lists of words in multiple languages he was unable to converse in, with the help of Google Translate he found a few inventive solutions that the client was comfortable accepting as definitive. In addition to this, George has some experience in the domains of copywriting and multilingual proofreading work, and has even done a bit of transcription work (i.e. translating French or German videos or audio into English).

George works from home on a laptop with an Internet connection – receiving material to translate by email, doing it and sending it back is the norm for him, but he does have experience with online computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool platforms as well.

George’s main current ambition is to make more money in his work – establish reasons to justify increasing his rates (typically per word, be it per word in the material to be translated or per word in the translation product he would produce as part of a project). To this end, he is currently looking at ways to increase his familiarity with the translation industry for what it is in the modern day; this mostly involves looking at CAT tools offers and finding out where to acquire the right glossaries for the software in question. And, when he’s not doing work for his many clients, he is often writing lengthy articles and tweets with some kind of translation
(or at least language) theme. He adds new content to his Twitter profile (trailtranslator) on a regular basis and also relishes the chance to put up language-themed posts on his LinkedIn profile which just might invite discussion among the translation community. It is even true that he has hired other professional translators as part of marketing projects designed to promote himself as a professional translator. And he is the professional translator who publicly lampoons the YouTube star Malinda Kathleen Reese out of his own incredulity as to what she enjoys for singing Google-Translate altered songs while he “scrapes a living getting translation right”. In any case, he accepts the significance of becoming a member of a translators’ organisation (such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or the Institute of Linguists) “when the time is right”, being more than confident that he will pass any entry exam tests with flying colours.

In short, George has long since accepted that “languages are his life” and he intends to remain on his current path with or without the advice of his peers.

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