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Transformative Publicity Strategies to Revolutionize Research Firm Exposure

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The modern information ecosystem is complex to navigate, particularly in times of crisis. People are seeking up-to-date, trustworthy information, leaving research firms in a new and unique position to thrive. Innovative and robust communication strategies are set to revolutionize the way research firms fit into society, with Stitch Publicity’s Research Promotion strategy leading the way.

Research firms offer significant value to our modern world, but without a streamlined public relations strategy, information alone falls flat. As the principal goal is to provide the audience with a solution or an answer, research firms should harness a strategy that allows them to reach every level of influence possible.

Stitch’s Research Promotion Program creates a unique vessel for research firms to inject critical information into their audiences and the wider community, offering a strategy that guarantees their valuable research is thrust into the hands of those who can use it.

Featuring completely turnkey solutions, the program is designed to optimize the way research firms connect with their stakeholders fully. By using efficient communications strategies, research firms can easily reach levels of influence in industry, Federal and Foreign Government. Regardless of the value of the research, communication strategies will make or break the success of a research firm. Ever ask yourself why there are game-changing findings exposed in critical research, only to never hear about them on the news or in industry niche social media conversations? It comes down to the promotional machine behind it, and 99% of research firms fail miserably at communicating compelling findings to the public in a meaningful way.

Using the marriage of a range of next-generation technologies, the automation of traditional public relations strategies is a game-changer. Unifying machine-learning technology and the ability to connect with scores of digital tribes means research firms can achieve profound results that reflect the value of their research.

One of the most innovative elements of the program is the ability to create specialized niche forums that directly link research firms with the media. A platform like this allows firms to drive their information movement, giving fellow researchers and supporting stakeholders the ability to take part in the conversation. The program develops a fully-functional personalized National Press Club forum, streaming directly to a virtual audience made up of consumers, influential bodies, journalists, and influencers. Currently, due to the pandemic, this entire process has been structured for a purely virtual environment. The profound impact that this singular component of the package can have on a research firm’s promotional strategy is in and of itself, game-changing. Imagine, a virtual forum, with the most influential journalists, legislative, federal, and international stakeholders present as well as an audience of surgically targeted industry mavericks, all glued to your research and findings.

As well as this, the program also optimizes research content for syndication to hundreds of news affiliates like Fox, NBS, and CBS. Every piece of content is exponentially maximized for efficiency and reach and can lead to other instances of media exposure, including interviews and partnerships. This is a unique opportunity that allows the client to stand at the forefront of their subject, enforcing authority and trustworthiness. And these are only a couple of the massive menu of strategies built into this robust research publicity and promotion strategy.

When research firms take the guesswork out of their publicity strategies, their valuable research transcends to a position above and beyond the clatter and meaningless noise. Right now, your research and findings need to be communicated to a population that is primed and ready for new ideas, new strategies for thinking, and new concepts to rally behind. Research firms have never been in such a position to impact a global population positively. Powerful, profound, and unique utilization of new communication vectors will enhance your message’s capability to cut through the fog, and fall on the laps of your most targeted and intended audience members. It’s time to evolve to an entirely new level of strategic research promotion.

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