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There’s a reason why one’s older years are affectionately called their golden years. Still, aging is often difficult for many people. When it comes to battling the challenges that accompany aging, and enjoying the famed golden years, Dr. Rahimi has all the training, compassion, and knowledge to assist his patients. It’s all about maximizing quality of life, whether a patient is handling conditions like osteoporosis or overcoming a fall with personal and preventative care.

Dr. Rahimi knows how the body ages and can address the specific physical challenges, but he’s worked with many patients over the years, and he also understands the social and psychological problems that arise in a person’s later years. That’s what helps his provide the personalized care that every patient wants from their doctor, and allows for preventative care too.

Patients don’t only need to visit Ocean Front Urgent Care and Dr. Rahimi when something is wrong either. Geriatric care is for patients of all ages dealing with many problems, and can even help prevent future problems so that everyone can age gracefully. Visit his office for treatment from physical exams, minor trauma, immunizations, and even TB testing, not to mention primary care visits.

Instead of running around looking for a primary care physician that doesn’t necessarily understand specific aging issues, Ocean Front Urgent Care will address primary care concerns along with aging issues. They know how the body works as the years pass and are able to work with their patients to deal with everything from simple to more complicated problems.

Patients are often a little surprised at the experience they have with Dr. Rahimi—because of the personal care he provides not only to his older patients, but to younger patients looking to prevent future geriatric problems.

His practice is small too, which means that every patient can feel the personal care they wish their previous doctors had given them. Dr. Rahimi knows how to work with people and how to make all of his patients feel appreciated, but don’t forget about the office staff either. They have the personal touch too so that everything from signing in to planning a follow up appointment goes smoothly.

That’s because this isn’t just geriatric care at Ocean Front Urgent Care, which is not only urgent care either, of course. This is a mindful approach to care rather than doctors simply shuffling through patients to finally get through the day.

Upon visiting their office, it’s not hard to notice the kindness every office worker and doctor provides all of their patients, but it’s very easy to appreciate their patience and understanding of all health conditions.

Aging is scary for many people. It doesn’t have to be, however when it’s possible to have so much care from your doctors. Walk by the beautiful ocean front property and visit Dr. Rahimi and his practice to get the care that every patient deserves.

Just walk in, email, or give the office a call to set up an appointment today.

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