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Did you know that some people still believe that “golf” stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden?” In truth, golf was an old Scottish word for “club.”

This was one of many myths that contributed to an image of golf as a man’s sport. The good news: we’ve seen many harbingers of change in recent years. In 2015, for example, Royal St. George’s started allowing female members after 128 years.

These days, almost 20 percent of the world’s 80 million golfers are women. Most new golfers tend to be female as well. That said, anyone looking to get into golf will have their hands full at the beginning.

Interested in golf tips for women? Here’s something to get you started!

1. Prepare Yourself

One thing golf beginners often don’t realize is how demanding the sport can be.

The American Council on Exercise suggests two types of exercise before the game. First, perform trunk rotation and leg extensions to stretch your muscles. Then, start focusing on strength exercises for your core, hips, legs, and shoulders.

This combination of exercises will develop both your flexibility and strength. They allow you to play longer and reduce your injury risk. Performing these exercises will also help you make the most of the tips we’ll go over in the rest of the article.

2. Correct Your Grip

A golf swing depends on gripping the club the right way. If your grip is unstable, your swing won’t have a chance to develop.

Start by standing with your hands and arms hanging loosely. Place the club in your left hand while making sure the clubface is square to the target. The club should run diagonally across your fingers, with the butt end on the bottom of your heel pad.

If you look down, you should see the knuckles of your left index and middle fingers. Wrap your right hand around the club so that your left thumb is under the pad. When done right, you’ll notice two V’s between your thumbs and index fingers.

3. Shift Your Weight

Other than the grip, your swing depends on the balance of your body. By finding the right balance, you create a foundation for fluid and natural movement.

One common beginner error is locking the heels to the ground. This is often referred to as “hanging back,” and it stops your body from turning through the ball. At the end of these swings, your thighs end up very close to each other.

What you should aim for is shifting your weight to the forward foot. This will allow your back foot to rise on the toe during the swing. If there’s no significant gap at the end of your swing, you’ll know you performed it the right way.

4. Swing Through the Ball

While you’re swinging, you should try to hit the ball crisply and cleanly. That said, focusing on the hit itself often leads to awkward swings.

If you’re struggling in this regard, try hitting the ball with your “practice swing.” With a relaxed approach, you’re more likely to create enough velocity with the swing. If you’re able to make this mental shift, the ball will take care of itself.

Remember, a good practice swing should create a “whoosh” sound at the bottom. Stay relaxed while you’re doing it and let your club flow through with authority. Your main goal is to create a dynamic movement through the ball.

5. Bend at the Hips

You know that part in Happy Gillmore when Chubbs tells Happy, “It’s all in the hips?” Turns out this is true in real life as well!

If you bend your body at your knees rather than the hips, your swings won’t have enough power. Bending at the waist is another common mistake. If you do that, you create a weak foundation that doesn’t allow for a repeating swing.

By comparison, bending at your hips aligns your body in an athletic stance. Once you push your rear and shoulder blades back, you’ll have plenty of room for the swing. You also guide the club into an up and down motion around the body.

6. Generate Power

Most golfing tips revolve around strategy and accuracy. Sometimes, though, it’s all about generating enough power to hit the ball as far as you can.

To set this up, you must allow your body to unwind through the ball. First, create a wide stance and place 60% percent of your weight on the back foot. Then, make sure that the space between the butt of the club and your body is about one open hand.

Of course, you’ll also need the right club to reach your target. Most golfers use the drivers for this occasion, as they have the lowest loft of any club. Here’s a list of the best women’s golf clubs that you can bring to the course.

7. Hammer It Home

Once your body is in the right position, all that’s left is to hammer the ball home. To do that, unleash your power through the elbows and wrists.

To get a better idea of how this works, take an actual hammer and hold it as if you’re preparing to hit a nail. Now try lowering and raising the hammer with your arm alone. See how difficult it is to make any real progress?

Once you start using the wrist to your advantage, hammering nails stops being an issue. Golf works much the same way. By uncoiling your wrists and elbows, you’ll be able to release the power stored in your backswing.

More Golf Tips for Women

As you can see, lowering your golf score is far from impossible. By following these 7 tips, you should be able to improve your game in no time.

Once you learn how to play, golf becomes one of the best hobbies out there. It allows you to enjoy great weather with your friends and improves your health and mental strength. Above all, though, it’s a lot of fun!

Looking for more golf tips for women? Interested in other reasons to start golfing as soon as possible? Check out some of the other lifestyle-related topics on our site!

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