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Top Reminders for Being Considerate to Others in Summer

As we move towards summer, more and more people head outside. Whether we are spending our time in our gardens or heading out for a day at Brighton Pier, there are many times where we could behave in a way which might not always be the most neighbourly. Here are some quick reminders so you can be sure that you are always being considerate to others no matter where you happen to go.

Be Kind to Hospitality Staff

While this should be a given regardless of the weather outside, you should make sure that you are always polite to any hospitality staff while you are out and about. Chances are they would much rather be out in the sunshine than making your latte but they will still do their best to serve you with a smile. If the restaurant or café looks particularly busy, don’t complain about wait times and be polite. It is always better to be an understanding customer than a difficult one.

Watch Where You Smoke

It is illegal in England to smoke in all indoor public places. There are also certain places outside which you cannot smoke in such as covered walkways or train stations. Failure to comply with the law can result in some hefty fines for both you as the smoker and the place where you are smoking for failing to catch you. Check that you are allowed to smoke somewhere before you light up. There is no point in catching an unnecessary fine which you could have easily avoided.

Many people still don’t like to be around smokers even if they are in somewhere where smoking is allowed, such as a park. If you want to be a little more considerate of those around you, you should look into vaping. It isn’t as invasive as smoking a cigarette and most people might not even notice you doing it because there isn’t the same tell-tale smell. You can find all sorts of e-liquids to give you the same nicotine hit as your favourite brand of cigarettes. Try salt-based e-liquids for something a little stronger; you can browse the range at Grey Haze to find the perfect one.

Don’t Get Started in the Garden Too Early

You wake up, throw open your curtains, and realise it is the perfect day to cut the grass. However, your neighbour who just got off their night shift doesn’t appreciate you firing up your lawnmower at 9AM. While there is nothing they can do legally, fostering these kinds of resentments against your neighbours will never end well.

You should always try to build positive relationships with your neighbours. Whether you have a group chat on WhatsApp or you prefer just a good old-fashioned natter at a kitchen table, giving them a little consideration is always going to result in a more positive atmosphere on your road.

Control Your Dogs

You might know that your massive dog would not hurt a fly but the toddler which it is barrelling towards does not know that. Be a responsible dog owner and teach the dog to come when it is called. You do not need to drill commands into it until it is little more than a puppet but you should always be able to control it.

There are people out there who are allergic to dogs, and there are people who are terrified of them. They have little patience for someone trying to laugh off an excitable dog as it jumps in their face. What’s more, you never know when a dog might bite someone. Even if the animal had reason to do it, the person they bit might be angry and seek some sort of compensation. Don’t take the risk, learning how to control your dog is as much about keeping the animal safe as it is about protecting the public.

Turn the Music Down

During these long summer nights, it can be tempting to sit out in the garden with the music blasting and a chilled drink in one hand. However, you never know who you might be annoying by doing so. All you need to do is turn the music down as the sun goes down and you should not have a problem.

This isn’t just considerate to your neighbours; it could be considerate to your own children. They need sleep just as much as anyone and having parents blasting music in the garden is one way to ensure that no sleep will be heading their way anytime soon.

Summer is a fantastic time to chill out and spend time with your friends and family. However, it is important that you do not get caught up in the moment and that you remember to stay considerate to others at all times. Do so, and you are in for a brilliant summer!

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