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Albert Wilson: A Shinning Dark Horse!?

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After suffering a devastating hip injury a couple years ago and then opting out of playing last season, Albert Wilson has come a long way. Most bookmaker software providers were betting that Wilson wouldn’t even be on the Dolphins team in 2021. However, despite the Phins being loaded at the wide receiver, they have allowed the players to show if they belong or not through competition. Wilson has taken hold of this opportunity with both hands and is the current star of Training Camp, showcasing a solid chemistry with Tua that began in back in voluntary workouts.

But, will this ‘camp star’ status translate into more than trade bait?

How far can Albert Wilson take this resurgence?

In his limited action in 2018, Wilson played in 7 games, had 26 receptions for 391 yards and 4 touchdowns. But his season ended when he suffered a small fracture and labrum tear in his right hip. As a result, Wilson wasn’t the same in 2019 and suffered a leg calf strain and concussion that caused him to miss games. With a year off to heal his body and reset his career, Wilson has come into camp healthier and as quick as he was in 2018 when he came in as a Free Agent. 

How long will Wilson stay healthy, though?

Yes, it’s early in Training Camp, but a fresher and healthier Wilson has been taking the top off the defense numerous times in training camp, showing off his ability to be deep threat, create space and turn a short passing play into a long gain. It seems ATM that Wilson is not only appears to be a lock to make the roster this season, but primed to be a starter and a big part of this offense this year.

To be fair to Wilson, despite his injury history, he has rare quickness and elusiveness that can’t be taught. Having Wilson back in the mix on offense with Fuller and Waddle, the potential is there to make this offense downright scary. Each of these players have raw speed that can’t be taught and can create space and separation, which the Dolphins wide receivers struggled with last season.

An exponential growth in production at receiver is quite possible

Last year, Miami wide receivers were ranked at the bottom of the league in regards to creating space and separation on their routes. This obviously made it much harder for the QB to find an open wide receiver. One of Tua’s admitted faults last year is that he was not taking chances downfield. One of the main hypotheses as to why the lack of deep throws was that the Phins players weren’t as open as he was used to in college. Well, lack of separation shouldn’t be an issue this year.

The additions of Waddle, Fuller, and now a healthy Wilson makes for a deep an potent group of speed receivers. One of the main reasons why Tua torched opposing defenses’ in college was that he had pro ready wide receivers that were able to create separation. Waddle, Fuller, and Wilson should create the necessary separation to make this passing game lethal. Add in Parker, Williams, possibly Grant and / or Bowden Jr., Gesicki and Gaskin that can also make plays in the passing game, Tua will have all the tools needed to be successful.

But, with all this talent at receiver they can only keep so many. Who will stick, get cut or traded? If Wilson can stay healthy and make the Week 1 roster, what impact with he have? Wilson could make for a very good story in 2021.

What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins news fans thoughts on how Wilson can affect the Phins 2021 offense?

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