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Let’s talk about the prepared man. The prepared man is never surprised. The prepared man waits ready for his opportunity to shine. The prepared man knows that 15 minutes getting ready equals 30 minutes saved. At HYDRA Tactical, being prepared is closer to a way of life than it is a way of thinking. We’ve got our favorite everyday carry kits, our range bags loaded out, and a bug out bag standing by so that if shit hits the fan, we’ll be prepared. Whether you’re outfitting your first bug out bag, or just looking for fresh ideas, we’re excited to share our bug out bag list with you.


The perfect bug out bag doesn’t come from a checklist, it can’t be defined here. In order to outfit the perfect bug out bag, it has to contain the gear you couldn’t live without. Sure, they all need water purification, a knife, some form of shelter and food supply, but that’s just the start. If disaster strikes, you’re bug out bag should contain everything you need to survive until you reach safety. Let’s start with these 3 universal requirements:

  1. Dependable Construction – All of the gear in your bug out bag, and the bag itself, should be dependable. If you’re trying to assemble the necessary gear for an emergency, that gear should be built to last.
  2. Lightweight – Anyone can put together a 50 lb. bug out bag. The trick is strategically choosing lightweight gear that serves multiple purposes and keeps your total pack weight low.
  3. Mobile & Accessible – Ideally, you’ll never have to use this bag (other than borrowing its water filter for a quick weekend trip). That said, if you find yourself relying on it, it’ll need to be easy to use. Keep mobility and comfort in mind, and make sure that it organizes gear easily and accessibly.



Do you prefer one or two huge compartments, or multiple smaller compartments? What kind of MOLLE attachments will you be adding? Do you want the support of an internal frame, or the flexibility of a contoured bag without frame support? Finding the right bag will not only have an impact on what gear you can store, it’s the biggest determining factor in your bug out bag’s comfort, mobility, and accessibility. Here are a few of our favorites:


They say you can live for about 3 weeks without food, and about 1 week without water. However, that’s not the case when you’re exerting energy. If you’re trying to survive, then you’ll need to get steady water and food sources in order immediately. Here’s what we’ve got in our packs:

  • Water purification – there are a lot of water purification methods out there. Water treatment tablets, purification pumps, and bottle/filter combos are among the most popular. Along with whichever purification tool you prefer, you’ll need a place to store that clean water. We recommend the Marz Hydro Bladder Pouch, which is compatible with any of the three packs shown above.
  • MREs – Trust us, we’ve been there. While MREs are nobodies first choice, they’re an essential addition to any bug out bag. Use your MREs as a dependable food source until you find a more constant food source.


Everyone has different opinions when it comes to the best forms of shelter. Across the board, our packs all rely on ENO Outfitters gear for shelter. Hammocks are not only one of the most lightweight, compact shelter options, they’re also very versatile. Hammocks keep you off the ground, can gather rainwater in a pinch, and are constructed with useful heavy-duty nylon. Here are our picks:


This section needs no explanation – chances are you’re already carrying a concealed weapon or a knife with you day-to-day. Having the right tools to protect yourself is a bug out bag essential. While we don’t recommend leaving a firearm in your bugout bag, having a concealed holster ready and a dependable utility knife is a must. Plus, with plenty of room for MOLLE/PALS attachments, you can add as many magazines to the outside of your pack as your weight goals allow.


In our experience, clothing and accessories are overlooked bug out bag supplies for too many people. However, if you’ve ever owned purpose-built tactical clothing, then you know how big of an impact it can make. Try to find clothing that is weather-resistant and SPF rated, lightweight, and designed to take a beating. Here are the essentials:


The tools you choose for your bug out bag supplies can really make or break it. This is where you personalize your gear collection with the tools you love. We can’t tell you what those are, but we can lay down the framework. Here are some essential bug out tools our team included:

  • First Aid – While it may not be your typical first aid kit, we wouldn’t have a bug out bag without the Voodoo Universal Surgical Kit Pouch. Trade the superhero bandaids for a professional’s kit so you’ll be able to dress a real wound.
  • Paracord
  • Fire starter Kit – this is another tool where a lot of options are available. No matter what you choose, your fire starter kit should be waterproof and allow you to start hundreds of fires.
  • A Multi-Tool
  • A Durable Compass
  • Duct Tape
  • Binoculars
  • A Flashlight


If you can check the boxes up to this point and you still have room, you’ve done a great job. If you’ve got the room and you’re willing to carry the extra weight, here are some final ideas:


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