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A Short Guide to Potty Training a Lab Puppy

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You fell in love with a lab puppy. Now you’re bringing that furry ball of fun home. The crate, feeding dishes, collar, leash, and toys are all ready and waiting.

You’re prepared with the main puppy necessities but what about housebreaking?

Whether this is your first experience raising a pup or you’re a seasoned Lab owner, we’ve designed this guide to take the mystery out of potty training a Lab puppy Learn the basics here.

Start Training on the First Day Home

If you begin puppy potty training on your first day together, you’ll help get this new friendship off to a great start. Training provides lots of opportunities for you to give praise. It also helps your puppy learn to trust you.

On that first day, before you bring the puppy in the house for the first time, take him to the area in your yard you’ve chosen as the potty place. Spend a few minutes there with the puppy. If he goes, give him praise.

Until the puppy is completely housebroken, you won’t put him out in the yard alone. You’ll take him to the potty area each time you take him out.

Introduce the Crate

Prepare a room before you bring the puppy home. This is a restricted area where you’ll keep the puppy and his crate for the first several days.

 Put the puppy’s bedding and chew toys in the crate. Line the area outside the crate with newspaper. Leave the crate door open and let the puppy explore the crate and the room.

The main reason for the crate is house training. The puppy looks at the crate as his den and since dogs don’t like to soil their den, he’ll avoid using it as a bathroom.

Don’t leave wet or soiled newspapers in the area if the puppy does have an accident. Also, if he urinates on the bedding, remove it from the crate.

The Puppy Schedule

Young puppies can’t control their bladders. That means they need to urinate immediately after they eat, drink, sleep, or play. Keep in mind, pups don’t sleep through the night—you’ll need to take the puppy out at least every 3 hours.

The feeding schedule helps you estimate when you should take the puppy outside to potty. Make sure you strictly follow the schedule. In between meals, take the puppy outside every 2 hours or after 15-20 minutes of playtime.

Consistency is the key when potty training a Lab puppy.

What about Accidents?

Never punish your puppy if he has an accident. Scolding or pushing his nose in the area where he had the accident is counterproductive.

Your puppy doesn’t understand why you’re scolding. Punishment can interfere with the bond you have with the puppy. Harsh punishment may also encourage submissive urination.

Instead of scolding, praise your puppy every time he uses the bathroom outside.

Ready for Potty Training a Lab Puppy?

If you’ve chosen a Labrador puppy, you’ve chosen a natural-born people pleaser. Labs are also eager to learn, which makes training fairly easy.

As long as you provide a consistent schedule, take them out at regular intervals, and praise them when they potty outside, potty training a Lab puppy should be a good experience for both you and your dog.

If you’re still looking for your Lab puppy contact us. We’ll help you find the perfect new pup for your household.

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