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Benefits of Using a Mass Text App for Your Marketing Needs

Just like an ordinary individual, using a mass text app is vital when sending a large number of text messages to relatives or friends. But when it comes to businesses, mass text apps have more benefits, especially when utilized for marketing purposes.

If you have a business, you need to talk or spread information to hundreds of people in a day. Thus, mass texting, or also known as bulk testing or text blasting, comes into play. However, doing so needs a reliable mass text app.

Aside from making your life easier, it can also help your marketing needs through the following:

1. Reach More Audience

Nowadays, mobile phones are part of an individual’s basic needs. Wherever they are, people are likely to linger on their mobile phones hundreds of times a day. Especially with a smartphone, most people can’t live without it. Whether for connecting with friends on social media, texting for personal or business purposes, surfing the internet, listening to music, watching videos, or looking for information and direction, a person relies on his phone. Thus, a bulk text can reach a significant number of potential audiences since people unlock their phones more than a hundred times a day.

Whatever your line of business is, you can use a text blast to do the following aside from other digital marketing strategies:

  • Remind customers of their appointments especially with service-based companies
  • Communicate with members of the company or business
  • Recruit new employees
  • Inform the community of emergencies or upcoming events particularly for government or non-government agencies
  • Encourage customers to return to restaurants or cafes especially with loyal customers
  • Encourage online or in-store purchases for retail businesses

The probability of your message being read is high as compared to emails that may possibly go into the spam box. As soon as their phones ring or chime, most mobile phone owners immediately open and check their phones.

Here are other reasons why sending bulk texts may be more effective as a marketing campaign:

  • Some people prefer receiving and sending messages rather than accepting or answering calls when it comes to asking for assistance
  • Direct communication through a text message gains positive feedback from customers
  • People are more likely to read a text message as compared to ads in Google and Facebooks
  • Some high-profile clients want to receive reminders or communicate through text messages
  • Even without the glittery or eye-catching graphic design of a mass text app, your message has higher chances of being opened

2. Save Money and Time on Marketing Efforts

One of the end-goal of a marketing strategy is to reach more audiences at a cheaper cost and a faster speed. Thus, the use of modern technology, such as a mass text app, is advantageous. Mass texts can be sent to a lot of people in just a minute or so.

Unlike traditional methods like outbound calls, a transaction is one to one and takes more than a couple of minutes. With such, you will need more people to reach out to more potential customers. Thus, a company will spend more on telco bills and employees’ pays. When making such calls, a company must spend more than sending mass texts. However, with a mass text app, you can cut down on wages as you don’t need to hire as many people as phone calls required.

Although some mass text apps require you to buy SMS credits, it’s much cheaper than paying monthly telecom bills.

When it comes to time cost, other marketing strategies like commercials or ads on TV, radio, and written ads require a well-designed campaign. However, it will need more time to finish it properly. Thus, you may have to sacrifice some days or times before you can advertise your services or products.

But when you use a mass text app, a template may already be provided, or you can save your template. The app may readily prepare such templates or make your own, which can only last for an hour or even less than that. Then, you may now send your ads or information in bulk without so much delay. As a result, you can reach more people by maximizing your time.

Also, when you send your message, the target audience will receive it immediately. Unlike ads on TV or written medium of advertisements, only people who are watching or buying a magazine or newspaper will get to see such ads. Text messages do not waste time for the following:

  • Creating or editing designs
  • Printing materials on the printed medium
  • Preparing and waiting for higher-ups’ approval on the proposed designs.
  • Waiting for revisions if there are any

mass text app

3. Delivers Messages Fast

With an average response time of 90 seconds for text messages, you can expect to have transactions faster, especially when time is vital for your offers. Since people can respond to your message immediately, you’re able to gain more leads as compared to sending emails. For instance, if you have a sale coming next week, then mass texting is an excellent option for you to inform more potential customers.

Also, since you can send bulk messages to a large number of targeted groups, you won’t need more time to send a message to a large number of people. Thus, instead of calling or emailing people individually, you can minimize your efforts as you can send it to a list of groups.

Here’s how you can use a mass text app to deliver your messages easily in a speedy manner:

  • Most apps require you to download their software when you want to use it on your desktop or mobile phones. Afterwhich, you can easily use the features of the apps when you register.
  • Then if you have existing or loyal customers, you can import the list to the apps, so you won’t have to enter each target’s contact number manually.
  • If you want to invite more people, then most apps have their unique code which you can send to your target so they can choose whether to subscribe or not.
  • The next step is to create your message or promotions. Most apps have their templates that you can utilize, or you can even create a unique template for future use.
  • When sending a message, you only need to click the text word list you have created. You can send it immediately or schedule when to send it as most mass text apps have a schedule or planners.

4. Utilize advanced features

Aside from the ability to send messages or promotions to a large number of people, a lot of mass text apps have highly advanced features that businesses can also use. Especially when you want an app that has it all, this app can make your life easier. When looking for the best app, you must check whether they have these following features depending on your needs:

  • Free tryouts – before investing in a mass text app, you must have tried and tested their apps to evaluate whether they have the features you’re looking for. Or a free tryout also allows you to check whether they are delivering the right service they have specified with their ads or offers.
  • Ringless voicemail – when your business is service-oriented, then you might need a ringless voicemail feature. Some customers want to listen to reminders or promotions; thus, this feature will personally reach out to your customers.
  • Custom Fields – if you want to engage more with your potential customers, then you should let them feel that your messages are personal. Custom fields such as surname or first name can help make your message more personal. When your target feels that you acknowledge them, they are more likely to subscribe or grab your offer.
  • Analytics and Tracking – in a business, you must know whether your strategy is effective or not. The way to do it is to track and analyze your marketing efforts. For some mass text apps, they let you know whether your campaigns are working through their analytics and tracking system linked to their app. If you’re not an expert in reading analytics, find the best apps that offer easy-to-understand analytics.
  • MMS Messages – when you want to attach files, videos, or photos in your promotions, an MMS message is required. Not only are text messages sent through mass text apps, but most have MMS messaging.
  • Organizers – if you want to have a well-organized list, then look for mass text apps that have an automatic system to group the contacts that have similarities. This will help you save time on grouping the contacts into different segments.
  • Autoresponders and scheduled texts – when you want to send a message at a specific time and date, then autoresponders will let you send one depending on the requirement you have set. As with scheduled texts, you can already save your drafts that are immediately sent to the time you have set.


When you want to reach more audiences with a cost-effective strategy, a mass text app can help you with it. Some are even free to use for some time, so you won’t have to waste your money on buying an app that you will later regret. Especially when you’re a startup, investing in a marketing strategy should be decided carefully.

With a mass text app, you can also expect a higher return on your investments as long as you choose the best app for your business needs.

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