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Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Goshen Coffee Subscription

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Originally Posted On: Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A Goshen Coffee Subscription


Coffee subscriptions are perfect for every type of coffee drinker, from the casual one-cup-a-day sipper to the full-on aficionado. Not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons that YOU should get a Goshen coffee subscription today.



Let’s start out with the matter that is first and foremost in many peoples’ minds: the money. By opting for a Goshen Coffee subscription, you can save 10% on every single purchase. No matter how frequently or infrequently you’re buying coffee, those savings can really add up! Coffee subscriptions are a great way to get your favorite roasts at discounted rates.



If family-owned business, passionate coffee fanatics, or locally roasted coffee mean anything to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Goshen is all of the above, having been completely family owned and operated since 2002, and roasting our coffee locally in Edwardsville, IL, just outside of St. Louis. By supporting Goshen, you are supporting a small business who cares deeply about our community, focuses on our mission of making gourmet coffee accessible, and works hard to produce the highest-quality coffee possible.



Our rotating subscriptions are the perfect way to try a new gourmet coffee each and every month. If you have a wide variety of tastes, or enjoy trying new flavors, a rotating subscription is perfect for you. We offer both single origin and blend subscriptions. Or, go for the super-exclusive Secret Stash Subscription, so you can receive our absolute highest quality, extremely limited supply gourmet coffee on a regular basis.



Even if you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, or you just know what you like and you want to stick with it, our coffee subscriptions can still work for you! We have so many different options available that you’re sure to find something that fits your taste. When you order a Goshen Coffee subscription, you can choose the size, the frequency, whether you would like whole beans or ground, and whether you want a rotating selection or the same coffee every time. Pick your favorite locally roasted coffee to enjoy month after month, or let us surprise you. So many options!



Finally, whether you yourself are a coffee fanatic or not, you definitely at least KNOW a coffee fanatic! Goshen Coffee subscriptions make the perfect gift for all the coffee lovers in your life. Surprise your loved ones with a coffee gift they will adore. 3, 6, and 12-month gift subscriptions are all available. What could make a coffee lover happier than a new gourmet coffee, delivered to their door each and every month?


These are just a few of the many great reasons to purchase a Goshen Coffee subscription. Whether for yourself or for someone else, our subscriptions are sure to delight. You can learn more about all of our subscription options at

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