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The Cheapest Road Salt in Connecticut – Why You Should Always Use Treated Salt.

When the cold weather hits, you have to be prepared with the right de-icer. From melting ice on roads and driveways to walkways and paths, de-icer is necessary to maintain a high level of safety in harsh weather. Treated road salt offers additional benefits that untreated salt just cannot match. Keep reading to learn why you should always use treated salt and how to find the cheapest road salt in Connecticut.

Treated salt melts ice and compacted snow more effectively.

Treated salt can melt to a lower temperature than bulk road salt that has not been treated. Not only does treated salt last longer, but some forms of treated salt are safer on concrete than just straight salt. The magnesium chloride found in treated salt allows the bulk de-icing salt to perform better and be more effective at lower temperatures.

Treated salt adheres better to surfaces.

Overall, treated road salt is better at adhering to surfaces. There is less bounce with treated salt, so it does not scatter like untreated bulk salt. Because it is long-lasting and adheres better to the road, you do not have to reapply as often as you would with untreated options.

Treated salt is colored, so you can see where you are spreading the salt.

Visibility is another major benefit of treated salt. The color of the salt, typically brown or green, makes it easy to see where you are spreading the bulk road salt. You can apply treated salt much faster and more efficiently to reduce the amount of time needed for application. Improved visibility also leads to less wasted product and fewer reapplications.

Treated salt provides improved visibility, which requires less labor.

The benefit of visibility means that less labor and time is required when applying treated road salt. You can see exactly where you have applied the salt, which saves up to 30% of your usage. You also do not waste time reapplying the road salt when it is unnecessary. The reduction in labor leads to lower costs, and the improved surface adherence of treated road salt means that less labor is required overall.

Treated salt requires less usage, which leads to less liability.

Over salting can lead to serious liability issues. Both treated and untreated road salt can potentially cause issues with groundwater and drinking water, damage to vehicles, and damage to infrastructure and soil. With treated road salt, you limit the usage of de-icer to only what is necessary to keep the roads and walkways safe. By limiting usage, you have less liability for over salting.

Treated road salt is less expensive.

If you are looking for the cheapest road salt in CT, bulk treated road salt is your answer. Treated salt is at least half the cost of calcium chloride or other de-icer options. It also works better at melting ice and requires fewer applications. Not only does the product itself cost less, you also save a considerable amount of money on labor and equipment costs.

Treated salt does not clump as easily.

Untreated salt runs the risk of freezing or clumping in extremely cold temperatures, usually around 0 – 15 degrees Fahrenheit. When you use treated road salt, the possibility for clumping or freezing is less frequent. This will allow your sander to not get clogged from large clumps that formed in regular salt.


When snow and ice hit, treated road salt is your best option for de-icing. The visibility provided by the coloring in treated salt makes it easier to apply without over-salting or requiring the use of too much product. It is clear that treated salt saves time and money and offers a more efficient solution.

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