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Top 5 Places to Put a Pizza Vending Machine

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Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year. Not million. Billion.

People love pizza. What’s better than pizza?

Strategically placed pizza.

You may be a pizza restaurant wanting to expand your brand or maybe you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for an innovative business model. A vending machine that serves pizza may be just the idea you have been looking for.

Here are the five best places to put a pizza vending machine.

1) Apartment Complexes

Apartment communities typically have some sort of vending machine area. Since these vending machines mostly contain candy and sodas, having one with pizza is a no-brainer.

Residents and guests will both be able to enjoy it. You will want the vending machine wherever the highest volume of foot traffic is, so think pools and clubhouses.

2) Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are ideal locations for vending machines and most students love pizza. Some students can’t leave campus or simply don’t want to, so having vending machines to satisfy their late-night cravings is a must. Providing pizza instead of the typical candy bar and chips would be a hit on campus.

3) Bars and Breweries

What goes great with beer? Pizza. All bars and breweries don’t sell food and some can’t due to zoning issues.

Putting a pizza vending machine in these establishments can be a very profitable business move. There is a lot of transient foot traffic in these locations. Bar patrons would love the addition of a pizza serving vending machine. The employees would also like it.

4) Hotels and Motels

People who stay overnight or on vacation in hotels and motels rarely bring a lot of food for their stay. Having pizza readily available will be a big hit. This will allow them to stay close to their room without walking or driving to get lunch, dinner, or late night snack.

These locations are among some of the most profitable for vending machines. You are looking at high foot traffic in these locations so this could be a profitable location.

5) Airports

Do you want another high traffic area?

Go to the airport.

There may be food courts in airports, but travelers love the convenience of vending machines and having them strategically placed near the airport terminals would allow for lots of business.

Not everyone wants to or can walk around the airport looking for the food court and not all terminals are close to restaurants. Having the option of pizza vending machines would be a win-win for both the customers and the business owner.

Ready to Have Your Own Pizza Vending Machine?

Now that you have pinpointed some high traffic areas and see the massive potential, it’s time to extend your brand and grow your restaurant by adding a pizza vending machine. Contact us today with any questions about how to get started.

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