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Tis The Season: The Many Ways You Can Give

Charitable giving doesn’t always have to be a monetary action. Here are some great ways to give back to those in need.

For many of us, the holidays are full of family, gifts, and snow. However, all across the world, there are many people who don’t get to experience the kind warmth of the holiday season.

Charitable giving is a great way to bring the holiday cheer with you, and support individuals like this who need extra love during this time of year. It can come in many forms, and no matter how much time or money you have to spare, there is a way to give back.

Eager to spread some holiday cheer? Esperança has made a list of ways for you to get into the spirit of giving!

The Secret To Good Charitable Giving

When people think of charities, there are a few things that come to mind, the most obvious of which is money. While charity work requires resources, giving money is not the secret to a good charity!

There are many different ways you can give back, such as donating time or resources. The key is to find the right places to give and the right items. For example, did you know that Esperança accepts donations of new or gently used medical supplies?

Finding The Right Christmas Giving For You

No matter your time, budget, or availability, there is a way for you to give back to your community and beyond.

Here we have 7 ideas and tips that can help guide you into some good charitable giving this holiday season.


From waiters at a restaurant to the barista at your favorite coffee place, many businesses use the tipping service to help pay their employees.

For every coffee or meal you get outside your home you have a golden opportunity to improve someone’s day. These employees are dealing with lower wages and they rely on the burst of good tips to survive.

Spending a little extra to ensure that they get a solid day’s work can make a small but powerful difference.


Pets of all shapes and sizes are always in need of a helping hand or warm home. Cats, dogs, and many other animals in-need are overflowing at shelters around the country.

This doesn’t mean you need to adopt every dog and cat in the local pound or foster an endless stream of animals.

Most animal shelters could make use of an extra pair of hands to take care of the animals. Cleaning the shelter and feeding the animals takes work, and donating some time can do wonders for the workload.


There are hungry people across the world and any piece of food they can get may feel like a blessing.

Canned food drives have been around for years. Canned foods will last for a long while, so they are easy to store and transport. This helps the logistics of getting food to the needy.

Whether you buy the canned food for a charity drive or search through your cupboard, every bit helps.


There is an entire group of people in need that may not be lacking in food or finances, but in reminders of home and comfort. That group is made up of United States soldiers deployed in foreign nations.

Operation Gratitude is one of many projects that helps to give some holiday cheer to the soldiers stationed around the world.


Canned food drives are powerful ways to get food to those who need it. Often, though, the power of a warm meal and a comfortable place to eat it can mean the world.

Soup kitchens can be a wonderful source of community and warmth to those who have hit a rough part of their lives. Often, all they need is a helpful hand to serve food and clean up afterward.


For a more direct Christmas inspiration, caroling can be a great way to give back. For many, a simple burst of holiday cheer can mean the world.

Most church organizations or homeless shelters have programs that bring locals around to nursing homes or shelters and sing carols. Often, these include work with a soup kitchen effort or holiday celebration.


If you don’t have the money but think you may have unused items around the house, you can turn your past items into a generous gift.

Like canned goods, this is often things that will last a long time, for both storage and transport. Items like old electronics, clothes, and even furniture can become donations to those who need it. It also helps you clean out your house!

Keeping The Charitable Giving Going All Year

All of these items can be a great way to give a bit back to those that need it this year. The holidays are always a big time for getting people into the spirit of giving.

The problem is that there are people in need of a helping hand all year round. Giving them a good holiday is a wonderful thing, but the need doesn’t end once the holiday is over.

When you find a charity that works for your time, budget, and passion, don’t let it fall off when the holidays end. Make it a resolution to give when you can throughout the year. The appreciation will be overwhelming.

Helping At Home And Abroad

Charitable giving is a beautiful way to give back around the holidays, and the rest of the year! All of these options only require a bit of effort, time, and on occasion some small monetary contributions. Even a little can mean a lot.

Here at Esperança, we do what we can to help people of all ages where they need it the most. We thrive off of volunteers like you to help us spread joy and hope. If you are eager to get involved, we are always in need of a helping hand.

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