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Toll-free lines under attack from spammers: How iPlum solved it

As the number of spam calls continues to rise, the engineers at iPlum looked for ways to reduce the number of unwanted calls businesses receive throughout the day by almost 80%. iPlum toll-free numbers are secure, allowing for individuals to block texts and phone calls from unwanted numbers. Learn here about the services iPlum has to offer. 


Silicon Valley, CA ‒ April 30, 2021 ‒ iPlum offers a solution for customers who receive countless spam phone calls on their toll-free numbers. As the FCC and FTC grow more concerned about the exponential increase of spam phone calls, engineers at iPlum have worked to create successful ways to reduce the number of spam calls businesses receive by around 80%.

“There has been a dramatic increase in spam phone calls in the past year,” said Pankaj Gupta, Founder and CEO of iPlum. “Workers have had to use their personal devices for business purposes and they’re constantly inundated with spam phone calls. iPlum seeks to reduce the number of spam calls people receive, increasing their productivity and protecting them against spammers.”

Throughout the past year, more people have had to work from home and use their personal devices for work purposes. For many, that has lead to an increase in random numbers calling them throughout the day. The goal of spam phone calls is to sell a person something or collect their personal information. Spam phone calls have gotten trickier to recognize as they sound like an actual person rather than a robotic voice. iPlum itself has seen an increase in spam phone calls for their internal lines within the past year. Scammers also use voice-over IP (VoIP) to make spam calls so they can constantly change their phone numbers. They’re able to spoof different numbers with the same area code of who they’re calling, making it appear as if a real person or business is calling you.

Toll-free numbers were previously used primarily by large corporations. They’re an essential part of businesses as it allows callers to make free calls to a company. Now, many small and medium businesses have toll-free numbers for branding purposes due to their reduced pricing. Employers can also set up a toll-free number for their employees working from home so they can continue working efficiently without the constant interruption of spam phone calls.

One of the ways iPlum works to reduce the amount of spam phone calls their customers receive is by providing them with complete privacy. They don’t sell customer information to third parties. The engineers at iPlum are constantly finding new ways to deter spammers on behalf of their customers. Within the iPlum app or web portal, you’re able to easily block texts and calls from unknown numbers. iPlum’s vanity toll-free numbers are also HIPAA compliant, allowing healthcare providers to contact their patients in a secure way.

Check out more about the services iPlum has to offer on their website.


Founded in 2017, iPlum allows businesses and individuals to protect their privacy with their own toll-free number. As the number of spam calls only continue to rise, the engineers at iPlum looked to resolve that problem for their customers. Businesses of any size can get their own toll-free numbers, allowing them to text or call their customers on a secure line. They’re able to focus on their own clients as they receive fewer unwanted calls throughout the day.

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