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Time to Say Goodbye?: How to Fire Your Lawyer

Firing your lawyer is a special kind of breakup. The phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me,” doesn’t work when it’s time to let go of your lawyer. 

Your lawyer needs to be a good fit for your case, and you. If you find that your lawyer isn’t attentive, seems inexperienced, or doesn’t have what it takes to win your case, it’s time for a breakup. 

Make sure you do it right! Here’s what you need to know about how to fire a lawyer. 

Why Are You Firing Your Lawyer?

Switching to a different lawyer mid-lawsuit means starting over with someone new. You can lose all of the work from your current lawyer—even if you feel that work wasn’t good enough to stick with them. a

Before making a change, it’s worth taking a look at why you aren’t happy with your lawyer.

  • You Don’t Like Their Style. We’re not talking about how they dress, although professional attire is essential for a good lawyer. Practicing law is a relational business, but not all lawyers have the people skills needed for success.

    If your lawyer’s personality affects their success or how they work for you, it might be time to make a change in counsel.

  • You Don’t See Eye to Eye. Your lawyer should have an expert approach to resolving your case. However, if you don’t see eye-to-eye with your lawyer on their methods or approach, your case could be in jeopardy.
  • You Never Hear From Them. If you feel like your lawyer doesn’t listen to you, isn’t available, or isn’t responsive to you, find a lawyer who is more dedicated to your case.

When you’re sure you need a new lawyer, here’s how to fire your current legal counsel.

Read the Contract

Read your legal agreement before firing your lawyer.

Make sure you know of any financial penalties for releasing your lawyer. Understand what work product you can take with you when you terminate the relationship with your lawyer. 

If there is a fee for early termination, make sure you’re prepared to pay it. Follow any separation steps outlined in the agreement. 

Look for a New Attorney

Having a new attorney ready to go before you fire your current attorney helps reduce downtime between lawyers. Changing lawyers can add additional delays to the outcome of your case without adequately planning for the switch. 

Search online for highly-recommended, local legal counsel. In Hawaii, consider

Put It in Writing

When you’re ready to let go of your lawyer, put it in writing. You don’t need to state any reasons for letting them go unless you want to provide some insight. 

Avoid letting emotions get in the way. Keep it professional and to the point.

Knowing How to Fire a Lawyer Can Save Your Case!

Knowing how to fire a lawyer can help save your case in the long run. Before you break up with them, understand when and how to let your lawyer go the right way. 

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