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What You Need to Know After You Post Bail for Someone

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So, you’ve posted bail for a friend or loved one – now what? You may have some lingering questions, despite doing plenty of research beforehand. Posting bail requires you to sign a legal contract between yourself, the bail bond agency, and the court system. That contract demands a great deal of responsibility on your part – you’ll need to get your loved one to court, provide emotional support, communicate actively with your bail bond company, and more.

Ensure Your Loved One Appears in Court

The first and most vital responsibility you have once you post a loved one’s bail is to ensure they get to all scheduled court dates. When you sign the contract to post bail, you’re telling the court that you will ensure your loved one’s presence at all upcoming court dates. Because you made a payment or put-up collateral to get your loved one out of jail, you’re the first person the court will look to if they don’t appear on the assigned days and times.

If they fail to appear at any of their court hearings on the scheduled date and time and must be remanded to custody, you will be responsible for the whole amount of bail. If you’re working with a bail bond company, the collateral you put up for bail will be used to settle your loved one’s debt with the court. Your loved one will, at that time, also have a warrant out for their arrest. 

Provide Emotional Support

Being arrested and out on bail is a trying time. It can be a very emotional experience for you and your loved one. As they adjust to their new reality, your loved one may need extra support to feel comfortable going about daily life. 

Unless they’re under house arrest, your loved one will be able to go to work, spend time with you and other family/friends, and otherwise live in a relatively normal fashion. Because the legal process can be incredibly stressful, you may want to spend more time with your loved one and get them out of the house to participate in some of their everyday activities.

Actively Communicate With Your Bail Bond Company

Texas State law requires 10% of the cost of bail to be paid in order for you to secure a bail bond, but the involvement of your chosen bail bond company doesn’t stop there. If your loved one misses a court appearance, you’ll need to immediately contact the bail bond company, which will work with you to reinstate your bail bond. Weekly check-ins are also required with your bail bond company to help you and your loved one manage court dates effectively. 

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