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When it comes to Client Acquisition using the internet; most small businesses, insurance agents, real estate agents, and other “agency” model businesses tend to over complicate things.

Secret 1: The internet world is NOT any different from the offline world.

I, Jeff Trimble, have been working with “agents” for over 5 years now. Coaching them how to transition their businesses from cold calling, door knocking, and other “grinds” to acquiring customers. When we start the process to transition into the internet marketing space almost every agent makes the same mistake…

They boot up their computer, hop onto youtube and watch some tutorials on how to become successful on their social media platform of choice. Then they implement these crazy strategies that are supposed to “hack” the social media platform into generating leads on demand. They start creating content for Facebook to get more shares, they post images with a million hashtags so Instagram gives them all the followers…

In the offline world, when can you ever cheat your way to the top?

They create content for the “social platform” hoping that will make them successful… The agents forget that their businesses end goal to be impressing Facebook. It’s to be creating content that their ideal client would enjoy. Never make the mistake of forgetting about your ideal customer in your marketing!

Secret 2: Follow the attention.

Another major mistake we see quite often at “Jeff Trimble Marketing” is that agents tend to believe that just by getting online, creating a few business profiles or pages will bring them endless amounts of customers. This is not the case… Your Facebook page, your Instagram account, and even your website are kind of like business cards. You might have the best design but if you are not handing out your business cards then nobody will ever see them. Social media is NOT any different.

In the offline world, where do you hand out the most business cards? Meetup groups, events, and other gatherings right? The internet world also has these and they’re called; Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, webinars, virtual seminars, and online summits. When these things are being promoted join them, get inside the community and network with other individuals… Give them your digital business card (Your Instagram handle, your Facebook page URL and all the others).

Secret 3: It goes down in the DM’s

The system that brings in the most customers for “Jeff Trimble Marketings Client Acquisition Programs” is something we call Fusion Prospecting. It’s a system of communicating through social media Direct Messages to prospect individuals to see if they are qualified to be a customer of our programs.

Most agents do NOT spend any time prospecting on social media. They are NOT reaching out to their ideal client using direct messenger. Instead, they chose to cold call… 90% of the world doesn’t want to be cold-called and those same people don’t mind if you message them on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn… So why would you choose to start off a business relationship by doing something people don’t want you to do?

In fact, not only do people prefer to be contacted via social media, it’s actually 10x more efficient to be doing this process. How many people can you talk to on the phone at the same time? Now, how many people can you text at the same time?

It’s not uncommon for me to be having 5-10 prospecting conversations AT THE SAME TIME when using social media.

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