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The Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

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Buying a new home is a major milestone in person’s life.

And whether you are their friend, coworker, or family member, getting them the perfect gift for that occasion can be an important way to show how much you care.

That’s why we have put together this guide to the Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners, so that you can give meaningful gifts to those new homeowners in your life.

In this helpful guide, we will show you what new homeowners need and want, and how some types of gifts can make a special impression on the people you care about.

On the other hand, some gifts are downright bad – we’ll talk about how to avoid those, too!

Read on to find out how to delight your recipient with the best housewarming gifts!

The Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

When you’re getting housewarming gifts, it’s worth remembering the audience – not just the person’s personality, but the fact that they are new homeowners. This is a big occasion!

That means you may wish to avoid gifts that are overly practical, such as a rake for the lawn. Not that a rake is necessarily a bad gift – for a repeat homeowner in an area with many trees, it might be a funny gag.

But for new homeowners, a more deft touch is required.

That’s why, if you truly want to give the Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners, you have to be creative and unique.

The best gifts don’t go overboard. They also aren’t simply practical gifts – sorry, rake – but instead allow a person to know that you gave them the gift every time they come across it. Gifts are, after all, imbued with meaning from the moment they are given.

Don’t you want that meaning to carry on into the future?

With that said, let’s explore some of the best gifts you can get the new homeowners in your life.

Cutting Boards are Sharp Gifts

One of the best gifts for any new homeowners is a cutting board.

Do you know why that is, dear reader?

No, really, do you know? We don’t, and have been trying to figure it out.

One thing we can tell you without a doubt – whatever the reason, cutting boards are a win. Every married couple that has bought a house and received a cutting board for a gift loves it. Loves it!

Surely one reason is that knives are such a common purchase for new homeowners. It’s the reason why you go to a department store and see a huge display of knives. If people buy knives, what do they need?

Cutting boards!

There are many kinds.

You can get a cutting board with the family’s last name on it, an elegant but timeless idea that will stand out amidst the rest of their kitchen decor.

Since it’s the first home for your recipient, perhaps the best option is to get them a cutting board marking that special occasion.

In that case, a board engraved with “Our First Home,” the date, and the address will serve as a timeless reminder of their first home.

You may also prefer a board with the classic look of the engraved initials of the bride and groom and a year – this could be the date of the home purchase, or whatever important year you wish for them to remember.

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with gifting a cutting board. No, really!

Cute Signs for Cute Homes

Another fantastic gift idea? Cute signs. Signs are good gifts because they are like pieces of art that a homeowner can put wherever they want. Unlike an obtrusive painting, cute little signs are an inoffensive way to add style to someone else’s decor that will fit into most styles.

A great idea is to give a sign with the address on it. This could be used in one of two ways – hung in the window, facing outward, or within the home as a decorative item.

Do you know of a favorite saying or phrase of your new homeowner recipient? Perhaps you’re better off giving them a custom sign with words of your own choosing.

If the homeowners in question are outdoors enthusiasts, or if one or both love to fish, maybe they’d enjoy a sign with the classic “gone fishing” reference to mark their new dwelling.

Another idea: a sign that reminds them of their family, and their new home all at once. For instance, a sign that says “Home is Where We’re Together.” That’s a cute sign gift hitting on all cylinders folks!

Signs are a wonderful gift if you know the homeowners well enough to say something about their personality and style. In most homes, these cute signs will work wonderfully to accent the decor and fit in with their own unique design style.

Bar Accessories Always Work, Too!

If your friends happen to enjoy fine adult beverages, or enjoy having social gatherings at their home, what better way to show you appreciate them than by giving them some custom glasses for their new home?

Maybe they enjoy whiskey – whether bourbon or scotch – and know how to make an Old Fashioned by heart. In that case, customized whiskey glasses with their family name are a fantastic addition to their bar.

Another cool whiskey glass idea? Get a version that is monogrammed. Classy, modern, and yet timeless all at once!

If your new homeowners know every craft brewery in town and have more kinds of beer in their fridge than you have sodas, you might just get them some kind of beer glass, no?

What about a classic beer glass with an encircled monogram that presents the family name and a beautiful monogram within a circle? This design will not only complement any decor – it will make whatever is in the glass look top-tier, too!

If you’re not into the classic pint glass look, instead preferring the look of a beer mug with a handle, that can also be an excellent gift for the right beer lover! With the name inside of the monogram, this classic mug is a great choice.

Speaking of beer, why not a custom growler? If your new homeowners are indeed beer enthusiasts, a visit to the local brewery with their customized growler will be all the more special.

Bar accessories are always a classic gift that new homeowners love; you can’t go wrong with any of the choices mentioned!

Recipe Boxes are Great Kitchen Gifts

What is more fun to do in a new home than use the kitchen?

The kitchen is a major selling point for most homes, and if your new homeowners had any say in it, it probably mattered a great deal to them, as well.

One of the ways in which new homeowners personalize their kitchens is by beginning to collect recipes – whether from the internet, recipe books, or magazines. You can help them to do this while adding a touch of style to their new kitchen with a functional and cute new recipe box!

A what? Maybe you aren’t familiar with the concept, but a recipe box allows someone to keep index cards, clippings, and other recipe papers in an organized and accessible location within their cooking environment.

Here’s a cute example with a monogram and the slogan “Happiness is Homemade,” an ode to the value and importance of a home-cooked meal – something your recipients are almost certain to partake of at least a few times as they acclimate to their new home.

Here’s another, on which you can put the family name and a monogram with a label that clearly marks these clippings as family recipes. It’s sure to be a family heirloom for generations!

These recipe boxes are sure to be a hit for the new homeowners in your life!

Coasters are Great Too

Coasters are important to protect furniture, which your new homeowners are going to be buying an awful lot of! What better way to keep stains off of their expensive new furniture than with customized coasters that remind them of the people who care about them?

One idea is to get some coasters with photos, and a cute saying like “home is where our story begins.” Indeed, a new home isn’t just a purchase – for most new homeowners, it’s a huge part of their life narrative.

Of course, you might prefer a simpler look without photos. Indeed, this might be more readily able to match whatever decor your new homeowners have.

In that case, simpler coasters with a saying might be more appropriate and useful. These, too, are cute and will remind them of how important their home is in the course of their life journey.

Other Cute Options

There are countless other cute options that qualify as great housewarming gifts, but here are a few scattered choices.

Pillows with cute sayings on them – like “Our First Home” with the year – can be a wonderful choice, as long as you know the family can fit such pillows into their decor. These can work great for any room of the house, and are really comfortable too!

Another great option? A puzzle with “Our First Home” and the year it was established. This is sure to occupy a place on their living room table for years to come, and will serve as a fun and functional gift that reminds them of how much you care.

Be Thoughtful, Not Complicated

Don’t worry about getting the wrong gift – as long as you follow this guide, you’re sure to chose a winning gift for the new homeowners in your life! The important thing is to keep it simple. By getting a personalized gift in line with their wants and needs, you can’t go wrong!

If you’re concerned about getting the Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Personalized By Kate, we are the experts in gift giving who specialize in custom, personalized gifts which are sure to bring smiles to the faces of those first-time homeowners you know.

If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Also, while you’re here, check out our great selection of housewarming gifts for the new homeowners in your life!

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