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7 Music Marketing Tips for Any Artist

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Competition for people’s attention is greater than ever – especially when it comes to music. That’s because the average person listens to almost 1,000 hours of music each year!

That means it’s nearly impossible to make your music discoverable to new audiences – or is it?

Music marketing may be hard, but there are some ways to make it easy. Here are 7 music marketing tips that any artist can use.

1. Take Advantage of Your Local Record Stores

While it may seem dated, there’s some value in old-school music marketing techniques. Give your local record store(s) a regular visit. Posters and stickers are great ways to promote your band locally.

Some record stores also have performance space. In-store performances are a great way of getting more fans and growing your audience locally.

That brings us to our next tip about marketing for musicians…

2. Cultivate Your Community

It’s easy to become obsessed with growing your fan base, but it’s important to look after your existing fans. Your fans want to spread your music to others. They want to share your awesome songs with others.

Decide what social media platforms you want to focus on. Just don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Social platforms can rise quickly and fall off just as quickly.

If a social media platform changes its algorithm, your posts may no longer show up in your fans’ feeds. Your music videos may no longer get the same number of views.

At the same time, being on every social media platform can be exhausting. Start small, focusing on the platforms that work for you. Later, if you want, you can slowly incorporate more platforms.

3. Paid Advertising

While social media is technically free advertising, with a little money, you can stretch your social media presence even further and gain new fans.

Social media platforms allow you to hyper-target intended demographics. The more focused your advertising, the more likely you are to get the results you want: increased likes, higher video views, etc. Plus, you can save money by spending your advertising dollars on a more focused effort.

As an example, Facebook lets you target age, gender, language, and region – down to the country, region, or city. You can also target people with specific interests and activities.

Along with social media advertising, there’s also traditional advertising, such as radio advertising. You can also advertise on streaming services such as Spotify. Spotify ad campaigns start at $250.

4. Reach Out to Media

It’s completely free to reach out to the media, and it’s now easier than ever to do it. There are plenty of music reviewers and podcasters out there; you just have to put in the work of reaching out to them.

Major reviewers may have their email inboxes flooded with requests. Instead of casting your net wide, aim for smaller, more niche reviewers in your genre who are more likely to listen to your music. A positive review from a reputable music reviewer or journalist could put your music in the spotlight.

However, not all music journalists are reviewers. Apart from reviews, music journalistscould cover news, write about upcoming albums, or conduct interviews.

Reaching out to media is especially a great option if you’re releasing a new single or album.

5. Talk to Playlist Curators

Along with reaching out to professional reviewers, reach out to playlist curators. Many streaming services have public playlists. Find popular playlists in your genre and reach out to playlist curators.

Landing only one of your songs on these playlists is a great way to give your new single some exposure and encourage listeners to check out some of your other tracks.

6. Make a Website

Musicians need more than a social media presence; they need a website. A website is an extension of your brand identity.

Sure social media can help with this, but not everyone is on social media. Plus, the social media platforms you use might not be the ones your fans (or potential fans) are on.

Your website acts as a permanent place where you can drive traffic from social media, email lists, and search engine results.

A good website has other benefits too. You can set up a shop and sell your merch there or announce your upcoming tour dates. Embed your music directly on the home page, and highlight your most recent music videos.

Don’t make visitors to your site go digging for your music. Place it front and center.

7. Use PeekSound for Music Distribution

For only $79.99 a year, we can distribute your music to major music and music video platforms. That means Apple Music, VEVO, Tidal, Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Tencent Music, Audible Magic, and more. Check out our full list of digital outlets available for music and music video distribution.

As an artist, you will pay one yearly membership fee. That’s it. There are no hidden fees and no charging per album or music video.

For an affordable price, you can monetize your music to a global audience. Every artist keeps 100% of their sales revenue, so there’s no additional cut you need to give us.

Music Marketing Made Easy

If you use these tips for music marketing, you’re bound to grow your audience. But of course, these techniques take time. That’s why we recommend our services.

We’ve made spreading music easier than ever with our music distribution and music video distribution services. For the price of an affordable annual membership, your music can go to dozens of digital music outlets.

Still have questions? Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

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