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These 2022 New Chevy Silverado Features Are Worth Checking Out

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The Chevy Silverado has been getting a substantial update for the 2022 model year. So what’s the real story here? Are there features you should be looking at? The new Chevy Silverado ZR2 is now the flagship of the Chevy trucks.

So let’s take a look at the 2022 upgrades.

6.2L V-8 Engine

The new Silverado ZR2 gets an upgrade to the already great 6.2L V-8 engine. The new engine has been tuned to deliver more power but maintain the same fuel economy.

The new engine delivers 420 horsepower, 460 lb-ft torque, 7,000 rpm, and a 5,300 rpm redline.

Thanks to a new intake manifold, camshaft, cylinder heads, and injectors, the engine’s efficiency have increased by 3%. This has brought engine efficiency to 20mpg combined.

Front and Rear E-Lockers

Not only does it help on the racetrack, but it also helps with low-traction situations. With a flick of a switch, you can lock the front and rear differential, helping you to get through tough off-road terrain.

When in low range, the front differential will lock, giving you the power you need to get through the tough terrain.

Multimatic Dampers

Multimatic dampers are new to most Chevy trucks, and they are a substantial upgrade. These dampers are adjustable, meaning you can simply adjust the damper to your liking (without any tools).


You can also adjust it to match the terrain you are driving on, giving you better handling. The dampers adjust to your driving, allowing for a custom-built ride.

Terrain Mode

The new Chevy also has off-road suspension and chassis that includes Terrain Mode. This allows the car to adjust the suspension and chassis.

In Terrain Mode, the car is lowered, the suspension increases travel, and the anti-roll bars activate. The traction control is also switched off.

In Sport Mode, the car is set up for on-road driving. The suspension remains stiff, and the traction control is activated.

Skid Plate Package

The Skid Plate Package is all new to the Silverado ZR2. This package comes with skid plates, which are helpful when driving through rocky terrain.

The skid plate package also has 4-wheel disc brakes, which are more than enough to slow down this beast and further enhance its off-road capabilities.

Upgraded Front Bumper

The new front bumper has been upgraded to protect from rocks, branches, and other obstacles. The new bumper is also tougher and more durable, which is a crucial upgrade.

Other Trim Highlights

The new ZR2 is not the only trim that received significant upgrades. Let’s take a look at how the other trims compare.

Exterior Design

The exterior design has been further streamlined, making it look even better than before.

The most significant exterior change is, without a doubt, the front. The grille design is still the robust-looking design we all look for in the Chevy, but it is better. It now supports lower lights to highlight the strength of the truck

The lights are composed of LED lights, giving them a futuristic look. The hood of the car is also more aerodynamic, giving it better fuel efficiency. Additionally, Chevrolet introduces three more colors to the line.

  • Dark Ash
  • Sand Dune
  • Glacier Blue Metallic

Updated Interior Design

With a redesigned interior, it is more attractive than ever before. The interior has soft-touch materials and contrasting colors.

The seats are also heated, ensuring you stay warm in the cold weather. The car also has a cooled glove box, which you can use to keep your drinks chilled.

The infotainment system is also upgraded to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows you to keep your phone close without it being distracting.

New Safety Features

The new Silverado comes with the highest level of safety. It includes adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning system, automatic braking, lane departure warning system, and automatic parking assist.

The truck also has a lane-keep assist, which helps you stay in the lane if you are tired or want to move over for an emergency vehicle.


The performance of the new Silverado lineup saw a significant upgrade, as well. The new Silverado comes with more power and torque and more fuel efficiency.

Under the hood, the truck comes with a new 2.7-liter turbocharged engine, which has more power than the previous generation.

The engine also has a new eight-speed automatic transmission and 20% more torque, making driving that much more enjoyable.

Super Cruise Features

Each of the trims of the Silverado trucks includes the Super Cruise driver assistance.

You can activate the feature by pushing a button on the steering wheel, allowing you to take your hands off the wheel and step away from the car.

It also monitors your attention span by using an infrared camera. If the system notices that you are not paying attention, it will notify you by vibrating the steering wheel, so you can take control of the wheel and drive safely.

Other Features

The Z71 trim comes with a recovery hook and a trailer sway control, so you can tow your trailer with confidence.

The All-Terrain, LT, RST, SLT, and LTZ trims come with a MyLink radio. The LT and SLT trim come with a premium audio system, including Bose speakers.

The New Chevy 2022: Get It Today

The new Chevy Silverado has come a long way on the road to becoming the best truck on the market. The new safety features make it more appealing to buyers, and the design is more attractive than ever before.

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