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The Right and Wrong Ways To Treat Clean

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When you have a home of your own, there’s a lot of cleaning to keep up with, and sometimes people overlook certain areas of the home. One of the most commonly overlooked areas are drapes. So that begs the question, is your drapery properly cleaned?

The Wrong Way

You might be wondering why you should even bother to have your drapes cleaned at all. In fact, many people simply throw out old drapery that starts to show early signs of deterioration or dirt. But there’s a significant fact that some people overlook; the cost of drapery cleaning is far less than the cost of replacing the draperies altogether. Every two to four years, depending on various conditions in the home, drapery will start to show signs of soil. But if you have your drapes professionally cleaned about every two years or so, you could triple the lifespan of your drapes.

The Right Way

The main reason we suggest professional drapery cleaning is that the materials used to make most drapes actually cannot be cleaned in a regular laundry machine. But when you call in The Steam Team, our professional and highly trained technicians will inspect the drapes to determine the exact cleaning method appropriate for your specific material. They may use either a dry cleaning process or a low moisture hot water extraction method to completely clean your drapes. Even the most delicate of fabrics will receive the proper care from our technicians. All soil and stains will be lifted from the drapery and they will be fully dried in minutes.

The Steam Team

Hopefully we’ve shown you that you can save that old fabric rather than having to throw it out. Our professional technicians are always ready for your call. For more information on our many other services, visit The Steam Team website.

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