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Episode 2: “Healed People, Heal People” A New Path Forward

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Welcome to the It’s Your Story to Tell podcast, Episode 2, Healed People, Heal People: A New Path Forward. In this episode, host Megan Babcock welcomes her special guest, her son Brantley McDonald, to share insights about their life journey as a family and individuals. They discuss the topic of hurt people hurting people and how passing down negative experiences and behaviors can be unintentional.



Brantley introduces himself as a 20-year-old on a personal development journey for about a year and a half now. He acknowledges that he has come a long way but is far from where he wants to be. He talks about how it took him some time to realize that he had a problem and how he was finally able to communicate in a healthy way with his mom.

The host emphasizes the importance of understanding that personal development is a never-ending journey. She talks about how it is not just about checking boxes and accomplishing things but about learning, growing, and becoming better.

The conversation shifts to communication, and the guests talk about how finding the right words to express negative emotions can be challenging, especially in family relationships. Brantley shares how he struggled with the idea of perfectionism from a very early age and how it affected his decision-making.

He talks about how he had an idea of how he wanted his life to go but needed to go in the right direction, making poor choices and not caring about the image. Brantley shares how he felt betrayed by his parents when they sent him away to a boarding school in Montana. He felt like they had given up on him, and it was hard for him to understand that he was making the wrong decisions.

This episode provides an insight into the family’s journey and how they dealt with challenging situations. The guests acknowledge that personal development is continuous, and communication is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships.

They also shed light on the importance of understanding that negative experiences and behaviors can be passed down unintentionally, and it’s essential to break the cycle to prevent it from happening to future generations.

Thank you for tuning in to It’s Your Story to Tell podcast, Episode 2. Remember, personal development is a never-ending journey, and it’s crucial to break the cycle of negative experiences and behaviors to prevent them from passing down to future generations.

Let’s continue to learn, grow, and become better together.

xoxo, Megan & the team

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