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The Latest Spring Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Year

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Do you want to buy this year’s most fashionable jewelry? Here are the latest spring jewelry trends that will be everywhere this year.

It’s a new year, and you know what that means. There are all new trendy jewelry styles out for you to try out and show off for the spring season.

If you’re looking for the hottest new jewelry trends for spring 2020, you’re in the right place. The snow is melting and now is the time to start gathering your new bling.

Read on to learn about all of the coolest new jewelry trends that you can be trying out this year.

Body Jewelry is Making a Comeback

We’re not talking about body piercing jewelry here.

Full body chains and metal clothing pieces are back in for spring-like fashionable and delightful chainmail.

These body art beauties are available in all colors and metal tones to suit any style. They look great paired with a bathing suit, over your outfit, or under a sheer top.

This is definitely a bold look, but 2020 is a bold year.

Colorful Jewelry is Back In

If you put away your chunky clay earrings, bright beaded bracelets, and large sea glass necklaces, now is the time to bring them back out to play.

Large and colorful jewelry is hitting the stores again in 2020, and this loud look is a great contrast to the minimalism that the world has been feeling lately.

These bold statement pieces are best paired with neutral outfits for a more subdued look, but if you want to be seen, do some color and pattern mixing to get the most out of your new pieces.

It might take some getting used to, but the bright colors are a lot of fun.

Hoop Earrings Aren’t Retro Anymore

Hoop earrings are all the rage in spring 2020. Technically they started coming back in the fall of 2019, but they’re about to hit their peak in the spring and summer.

Hit up your old jewelry boxes or vintage stores for some vintage hoops or wait for these jewelry classics to show back up in stores.

Either way, hoops pair well with everything but shine best with the hair pulled back, both to show them off and avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

Keep it Simple with Silver Rings

Gold and rose gold have held center stage for a little while, but it’s time for silver to take its turn back in the limelight.

Silver rings are rolling back into trend, and these timeless classics are great to grab while they’re in style.

Whether you’re into the standard rings at the base of the finger, or you like them further up in the higher knuckles, you can’t go wrong with silver in 2020.

Take it to the Floor

How much attention do you really pay to your feet? Jewelry trends for 2020 say “not enough”. This year, we’re looking at jewelry that takes us from our head to our toes.

While toe rings might not be in style this year, you’re looking for anklets and jewelry for your shoes.

Whether you’re bedazzling or adding some bling via chains and straps, you want to make sure you shine all the way down. Make sure that people can recognize you by your very stylish ankles.

Split Up Your Earring Sets

If you’ve got some large and funky earrings, consider wearing one at a time.

This trend comes back at you straight from the eighties. It’s not just for ladies anymore, though.

The single earring look is effortlessly cool and very fun. It’s also helpful if you just so happen to have a missing earring in your favorite pair. This is truly your time to shine.

Pair single earrings with messy updos, bomber or leather jackets, and a confident attitude that says “No, one of my earrings isn’t missing. I’m doing this on purpose”.

Classic Pearls Are Back in Season

Pearls aren’t just for your grandmother anymore.

Pearls, either in their real or faux varieties, are coming back for spring 2020. These fashionable aquatic stones are so classic that they hardly need an introduction.

They’re fairly neutral in color and pair well with almost anything. You don’t have to stick with just necklaces this time around. Swooping beaded pearl earrings might be popping up in stores near you.

Thick Chains Won’t Weigh You Down

While dainty chains are always in, thick and bulky chains are making a comeback this year.

These statement pieces look heavy and industrial and add a bit of an edge to any outfit. They’re best worn alone instead of in a necklace layer. They’ll totally overtake anything that you try to pair with them.

Match these with a sleek look. The chain might look industrial, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t mesh with a professional or business casual outfit. Be a little bit experimental.

Going All Natural

Shells are officially back in, which makes a lot of sense with the pearls.

While you can definitely go with a classic puka shell necklace, you can also take your seafaring jewelry to earrings, rings, or even just jewelry shaped like shells.

Gold cast shells are also in, so if natural shells aren’t your thing, don’t worry.

These go great with a late spring to early summer casual outfit. If you’re dressing down for the day, seashells are your friend.

Which of These Jewelry Trends Speak to You?

2020 has a wide variety of trends going on, but the main vibes seem to be all about going back to the past and bringing your jewelry fashion to different parts of your body.

Grab one (or all) of these jewelry trends and let it carry you through to the summer.

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