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Rustic Wood Floor Supply Expands Online Store With New Flooring Products & Educational Resources

Rustic Wood Floor Supply announces the expansion of its online store to include a wide variety of new flooring products. The company has also developed videos and articles on flooring products and supplies to help customers make informed choices.


Boise, ID, December 18, 2023— Rustic Wood Floor Supply, a leading flooring distributor serving Atlanta, Boise, and Spokane, proudly announces a significant expansion of its online store. The company has introduced an impressive array of flooring products, ranging from engineered and solid hardwood to luxury vinyl plank, along with an extensive collection of accessories and supplies. This expansion reinforces Rustic Wood Floor Supply’s commitment to providing top-quality products and resources to its valued clientele.

Rustic Wood Floor Supply is known for its exceptional customer service, quality hardwood flooring products, and experienced staff with excellent product knowledge. The company has been in business for over 13 years, ensuring that all its products are of the highest quality and directly from the best wood flooring manufacturers. With a passion for hardwood flooring products, the company has carefully curated its offerings to cater to all customers, including homeowners and contractors.

“We’re incredibly excited to expand our online store and are committed to adding even more quality flooring products for our valued customers,” said Rustic Wood Floor Supply’s CEO. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality flooring products that will last them a lifetime, and with our website, we are making it easier for them to access these products.

The expanded online store features an assortment of top-tier Flooring Brands, including 3M, Arboritec, Cordalera, and Norton to mention but a few. These brands are specifically chosen for their professional-grade quality, durability, and performance, aligning with Rustic Wood Floor Supply’s dedication to delivering lasting and visually pleasing flooring solutions.

To enhance the customer experience, Rustic Wood Floor Supply has also enriched its online platform with a wealth of educational videos and articles on All Flooring Products. The company aims to empower customers with valuable insights into the characteristics of various flooring types, facilitating informed decision-making. The online store will see a significant increase in available products, providing even greater convenience and accessibility for customers across its service areas.

“We understand that choosing the right flooring is a significant decision for our clients, and we want to provide them with the resources they need to feel confident in their choices. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in creating a robust online library, including informative articles, detailed installation guides, and helpful video tutorials. Our goal is to empower our customers to make informed decisions about their flooring purchases,” the CEO added.

Rustic Wood Floor Supply’s expansion of its online store not only broadens its product offerings but also reinforces its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company offers delivery services for small to large items to wood flooring contractors and their customers within a 250-mile radius, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. With a focus on quality, transparency, and customer education, Rustic Wood Floor Supply remains a trusted partner for flooring solutions in Atlanta, Boise, and Spokane.

About Rustic Wood Floor Supply:

Rustic Wood Floor Supply is a flooring distributor serving Atlanta, Boise, and Spokane. Established over 13 years ago, the company has built a reputation for exceptional customer service, unparalleled product quality, and expert installation services. Rustic Wood Floor Supply offers a comprehensive range of engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, and luxury vinyl plank flooring, along with a diverse selection of flooring accessories and supplies. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality flooring products and knowledgeable service has earned them the trust and loyalty of contractors and homeowners alike.

Contact Information:

Organization: Rustic Wood Floor Supply – Boise

Phone Number: 208-377-0335

Address: 5125 West Gage St., Boise, Idaho 83706

Email: [email protected]


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