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The Guide for Finding an Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

We all know that quitting smoking is hard, be it can be easy to underestimate just how difficult it can be. The CDC reports that the majority of current smokers want to quit smoking. However, fewer than one in 10 succeed in giving up the habit each year.

Often, beating an addictive habit like smoking hinges on finding something else to satisfy those cravings. But what smoking alternative is right for you?

Here are a few common alternatives to smoking that you can try to help you give up tobacco for good.

1. Nicotine Patches and Gum

If you’re asking what is a smoking alternative, some of the first examples you’ll come across are nicotine patches and gums.

These are two of the oldest tools to help quit smoking. The systems that they use allow users to taper off the amount of nicotine they take in at their own pace, soothing cravings and helping them to eventually break the habit altogether.

Nicotine gum also has the side benefit of swapping out stale smokers’ breath for any number of refreshing flavors.

2. Herbal Cigarettes

Nicotine withdrawal isn’t the only factor that makes it difficult to give up cigarettes. The mental habit of lighting up can be almost as big of an obstacle to overcome.

Many individuals, longtime smokers especially, struggle with fidgeting or not knowing what to do with their hands if they don’t have a cigarette. In these cases, using herbal cigarettes can make it easier to taper off your tobacco consumption.

Herbal cigarettes are exactly what they sound like: cigarettes made from rolled herbs instead of traditional tobacco. Different products use a variety of replacements for tobacco, with hemp being among the most popular. You’ll sometimes see these variations marketed as “CBD cigarettes”, as they’re sourced from the same plant and are supposed to yield many of the purported benefits of using CBD.

Remember though that smoke inhalation, whether from tobacco or herbs, can contribute to health problems. So even if you trade your tobacco for a cleaner substitute, it’s important to work toward smoking any type of cigarette in moderation.

3. Vaping

Over the last several years, vaping has become a popular smoking alternative, with millions worldwide dropping cigarettes in favor of electronic vaping devices. They can help users beat nicotine cravings with vape juices derived from natural tobacco or with synthetic alternatives.

No matter which you opt for, modern vape cartridges and devices allow you to moderate your nicotine intake to a greater degree than traditional cigarettes. This can help smokers reduce their nicotine reliance over time.

To see examples of the variety of forms that vape devices come in, check out

Finding the Right Alternative to Smoking for You

Quitting smoking is one of the best things smokers can do to improve their health. And by making use of an alternative to smoking, you give yourself a tool to help you be successful.

But these tobacco smoking alternatives are only the beginning. For more ways that you can live as your best self, be sure to keep up with our latest health and lifestyle news.

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