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Bible Study Together Announces Their New App Launching In 2023

Bible Study Together has announced their new app, which will launch just before 2023. This new app will help Christians read the entire Bible and host Bible study sessions in their church or their community. It’s the must-download app for any Christian who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the gospel.


Farmington, MO, November 28, 2022— Bible Study Together has offered resources to Christians since 2016 to help them understand the gospel and become closer to Christ. They’re proud to announce the launch of their new best Bible study app which will release just in time for 2023.

With this new app, you’ll have the entire Bible on your smartphone or tablet device. It can also guide you to plan and host your Bible study sessions with your fellow congregation or your flock. It offers the best bible reading plans so you can plan your sessions ahead.

For instance, the new app offers a chronological bible reading plan that can help you and your congregation to study the Bible in order. The app will help all of you on your journey to becoming closer to Christ.

Bible Study Together has written a blog for several years to help Christians understand the world around them and how to deal with any issue based on God’s Will. They’ve helped Christians understand how to approach illness, how to become more disciplined with reading the Bible, and much more.

Now, with the new Bible study app, they’ll help Christians explore the Bible on their own. The app will offer guidance on how to plan a study session and will offer context to understand the parables and teachings in the various books of the Bible.

As their representative Peter Schrock stated: “We’ve always considered it our mission to help Christians become closer to Christ and have worked toward this goal with printed versions of our chronological cross-reference Bible reading plan. But we also knew we had to find a new technological solution to help Christians come together to study the gospel. Our new app launches in time for next year and will help facilitate whole churches reading the Bible together.”

The app is set to launch just before 2023 and will be available for all major operating systems for both smartphones and tablet devices. It can be downloaded on various app stores and will have a community to help you understand how to navigate it.

Bible Study Together has been dedicated to helping Christians come closer to Christ by offering resources, readings, and seminars throughout the country. Now, with the launch of their new Bible study app, you’ll be able to read the entire Bible and host study sessions with your community next year. It’s the perfect app for you to seek guidance and prepare for your New Year’s Resolutions including, reading the whole Bible.

About Bible Study Together: Bible Study Together is a great resource for churches and Bible study groups. Our new app helps you study the Bible and prepares you for hosting your own Bible study class. We’d love to answer your questions and help you get started organizing your own Bible study sessions.

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Contact Name: Peter Schrock
Business Name: Bible Study Together
Address: 1260 Karsch Blvd, Farmington, MO 63640
Phone: (314) 884-0326

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