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The Fingerprint Lock: What All Homeowners Should Know

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Market research shows that the keyless entry system market is bound to reach $8.3 billion by 2026. This has been greatly influenced by the advances in home automation, especially since users can lock and unlock their homes remotely.

You can see the convenience and flexibility brought about by keyless systems. So, why don’t you consider a thumbprint lock!

Fingerprint scanner locks are a necessary security measure for any tech-savvy home or business owner. This is because it lets them gain access in and out of their premise without having to fumble about keys.

It also helps them better manage security risks as only authorized persons can open a thumbprint lock door.

Home security is advancing. Today, you can install a fingerprint lock. Here’s what all homeowners should know before making the switch.

What are fingerprint security locks?

Security fingerprint locks are lock systems designed to grant access by recognizing unique fingerprints. The lock systems are not just non-intrusive and reliable; you also won’t have to worry if you leave your key at home or the office

Fingerprints are unique, which means that you are guaranteed security with these locks. Most thumbprint locks feature a key or pin lock.

This is convenient because if the battery dies, you’ll still enter your home or business.

How Does a Fingerprint Door work?

When you put your finger on the lock, the fingerprint sensor will scan then convert and save your fingerprint data to a numerical template. This is the same process you’ll use if you want to give someone else access.

Every time someone places his/her figure at the sensor, the lock will try to match the print with any pre-saved values. If there is a match, access is granted.

The matching algorithm is an important aspect of the fingerprint security locks as it influences how the lock operates.

It’s important to note that the matching algorithm in most locks is achieved by the minutia matching process.

This means that different minutia points will be spotted on your finger along with their direction and position when you register for the first time.

The information from the different fingerprint scans is stored in the lock’s memory. So, when matching info from a scan, the fingerprint template compares the received input to check whether there is a match.

If a match is found, a green LED light will signal it, and the door will open. This process is fast, as it can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Advantages Of fingerprint security locks

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider these locks for your home or business. Here are a few.

Secure Compared to Traditional Locks

Unlike the traditional locks, the fingerprint reader locks aren’t susceptible to being copied or picked. This means you can always be at peace knowing that nobody is going gain access to your home or business premise, or personal information.


These locks are easy to install and operate. Once you’ve programmed the system, it works efficiently without needing high maintenance costs.

Security-Based On Finger Prints

The good thing about fingerprint reader lock is that no two people have the same print. Fingerprints are unique to a person as an individual.

So, if the system doesn’t recognize the fingerprint of someone trying to gain access, then that person will be blocked from gaining access.

There is also no possibility of this lock being hacked, which is the case with password locks.

Disadvantages Of fingerprint security locks

While you may enjoy plenty of benefits from these locks, they also have their downside. Here are the cons.

Power Failure

Most fingerprint scan doors need electricity to run, which means that power failure can render them useless. You could try to find models that run on battery, but you’ll still have to replace them frequently as it should be 24/7.

Common False Positive

You’ll hardly miss cases where the thumb scanner fails to recognize your print due to reasons such as a dirty fingerprint scanner or oily fingers. These might be obvious reasons, but you’ll be frustrated if it happens too many times.

Replacement is Hectic

The key-based electronic lock system can be easily switched if someone tries to get access to your home. As for the fingerprint models; there is no replacement because you can’t replace your fingerprints.

What to Consider When Buying Fingerprint Security Locks

Keyless locks are a great addition to your home, thanks to their convenience. However, there are a few things you need to consider before buying them.

Check the Power Source

You need to understand that fingerprint scanner locks are wired or use a battery, and both work just fine.

However, the installation of the cell and wired models is different, and if you know nothing about electronics, this might give you a hard time.

So, if you are not comfortable installing it by yourself, you can always seek the help of a locksmith, but this comes at a fee.

Is It Water-Resistant?

Fingerprint scanner locks are electronically powered, whether wired or battery powered. This means that water can be a big problem. You are making a huge investment getting these locks, and they don’t have to be ruined by kids who are playing around unsupervised.

What’s the attempt limit?

Just like accessing your phone with incorrect password a couple of times, you’ll be locked out of using the keyless locks after several failed attempts. Most locks have a 30 to 45 seconds waiting time, but others take even longer.

If this is something that matters to you, you should consider those with acceptable waiting time to avoid any inconvenience.

Better manage your premise with the fingerprint lock!

Most tech-savvy home and business owners are going for fingerprint reader locks as they are more secure compared to the conventional locks.

Their security is also solely based on fingerprints, so you don’t have to worry about the system being hacked.

When buying the locks, it’s essential to check on the power source, whether there is an attempt limit and if it’s water resistant. All these factors will determine the quality of lock you are going to get.

Are you finding it difficult to install your fingerprint lock? Get in touch with us for fast and effective service delivery.

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