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KoreTrak by KoreHealth: Shocking Consumer Report Details All

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KoreTrak is a new smart watch fitness tracker by KoreHealth, a company known for high-quality health and fitness products. The  KoreTrak can do a number of different wellness activity monitoring elements  in the areas of nutrition and diet, sleeping and heart rate, as well as track blood pressure levels, count steps and calories, can record workouts and alert for sedentary warnings (aka sitting for too long).

KoreHealth is a fitness-focused line that offers superior products that assist with fast recovery after exercise. When engaging in any form of workout, the body often experiences a lot of strain. And when the body becomes sore after intensive exercise, faster muscle recovery is of the essence. Now, with the introduction of their flagship fitness tracker activity band, the KoreHealth KoreTrak is leading the way for all of their additional fitness products reviewed below.

As life continues to go on, and the activity levels reboot back in the economy, being mobile and flexible is a smart way to go about living. That’s why KeroHealth recovery fitness products come in handy, starting with the all-encompassing  KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker wristband. From the KoreHealth products analyzed below to help relieve tension and stress through vibration therapy, to the benefits of on the go vital health sign monitoring and tracking, the KoreTrak smart watch is a must-have item given its affordability, high profile style, and unique set of multi-functional wellness features.

As the popularity of the KoreTrak smartwatch fitness tracker continues to rise, consumer reports are flying in about the legitimacy and accuracy of the attractive activity band wristwatch. This review of KoreTrak will review the main KoreHealth products and explain why using KoreTrak is the best option to do today. Researching the KoreTrak scam complaints comes up empty and it is likely due to the rock solid reputation of KoreHealth and its forward-facing leadership exhibited on their official website.

Unlike most recovery products, KeroHealth fitness devices are mobile hence offer great convenience. Use them during lunch break, before bed, or at the gym – whichever option works best. Here are the top KeroHealth fitness products that are great to add into  use of the KoreTrak Smart Body Fitness Tracker activity band;

1. KorePlus massage ball

Product specifications

Weight: (442g)

Battery life: Rechargeable ( 50minutes)

Material: Plastic, rubber, Silicone

360° maneuverability

Pressure spikes and high density exterior core

Intensive workouts at the gym will not necessarily produce the desired results. To achieve optimized results, it is important to have fast recovery and proper rest. KorePulse massage ball helps to repair the muscles after exercise. This sends vibration pulses deep into the body to help massage the aching, tired muscles.

Pros of using this massage ball

KorePulse massage ball adapts the body needs to 4 different vibration levels. Once combined with other exercises, this massage ball will enhance muscular strength, posture, and lead to a better range of motion.

Releases tension after performing intensive exercises

After engaging in high intensive exercises, the body is usually under a lot of stress. And regardless of whether it’s emotional or physical, stress can have a negative toll on the body. It is therefore important to deal with stress accordingly as it might cause real problems.

KorePulse massage ball employs the use of focused vibration pulses and shear pressure to release all pent-up tension while restoring circulation.

Targets different muscle groups

Neck – This versatile massage ball has pressure spikes that work on all acupressure points present on the shoulders and upper back, which helps to relieve neck pressure.

Feet – For those who enjoy jogging, KorePulse can help to break the sensitive ligaments found on the soles, which offers added relief from fatigue and strain.

Arms & Legs – By holding the KorePulse massage ball in your hand, it can easily reach all the inaccessible areas of the deltoids, triceps, calves, and thighs. It instantly massages away muscle soreness and stiffness.

Back – After placing the massage ball flat on the surface and then rolling onto it using the body weight, it unlock knots inside the tissues around the spine, which ultimately results in improved posture and more energy.

How to use the massage ball

Power on the massage ball to activate its vibration feature

Choose the type of vibration option that provides the most wholesome pain relief.

Rub the massage ball over the area affected by muscle soreness for instant pain relief.

Add the KoreTrak Smart Fitness Tracker Watch to Monitor Your Health and Wellness At a Glance Today

2. Thermal Massage Ball Roller

Product Specifications

Weight: 6.13 oz

Color: Silver, blue, black

Material: Plastic, stainless steel, thermal gel

When the body is sore or aches after exercise, temperate change can offer instant pain relief. Ice packs and heating pads are reliable recovery tools. KoreSphere thermal massage ball roller combines the use of cold and hot therapy, which cools down or melt tension on inflamed muscles.

Therefore, it reduces pain and soreness while boosting alertness at the gym, KoreSphere thermal massage balls helps to keep the body in perfect shape.

Pros of using the Thermal Massage Ball Roller

Unleashing the healing benefits of ice and heat

With thermal massage ball roller, it is easier to recover faster after intensive exercises at it offers muscle relief through dual temperature.

Muscle pain often vary and some aches are easy to treat with heat, while others are treated with ice. Luckily, KoreSphere thermal massage ball roller offers both cold and heat benefits, which offer pain relief after intensive workouts.

Hot therapy offers fast relief

Place the massage ball inside a container filled with hot water to create an efficient massager that automatically drives more heat deep inside the soft tissues to provide relief. What’s more, this massage ball roller offers instant pain relief for anyone with muscle spasms, stiff joints, arthritis, and strained or pulled muscles.

Cold therapy

Place the KoreSphere massage ball roller inside the freezer to enjoy at least 7 hours of beneficial cryotherapy that relieve pain and soreness caused by swollen tendons, inflammation, heel pain, back pain, post-workout muscle ache, and inflammation.

Instant muscle relief

With KoreSphere massage ball roller, muscle soreness will become a thing of the past. It is uniquely designed to provide pain relief and is suited for post-workout use.

Sore Feet – It works well in treating conditions such as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis by providing a soothing cold massage. Simply roll the massage ball on the heel toward the foot for instant pain relief.

Sprains – It is always advisable to treat sprains with ice before proceeding to heat treatment. Roll the massage ball over the strained muscle slowly and breathe deeply.

Stiff lambs – When the legs or arms feel sore after waking up, use the KoreSphere massage roller on the limbs to warm up and stretch out tight muscles.

Back pain – To get relief from back pain, place the massage roller flat on the floor and then press the body against it. And the good thing is that it is possible to alternate between cold and hot to eliminate painful knots.

How to use the massage ball roller

Prepare the roller for use by placing it inside the freezer and leave it for about 2-3 hours. Alternatively, leave it in a contained filled with hot water for at least 20 minutes.

Hold the massager roller on the palm and then slowly roll it against the affected muscle. Place it flat on the surface and then press the body over it repeatedly.

Use the massage roller for at least 15 minutes of massage and rest for 15 minutes, and then repeat the process.

Add the KoreTrak Smart Fitness Tracker Watch to Monitor Your Health and Wellness At a Glance Today

3. KoreScale

Product Specifications

Weight: 1.2 kg

Color: Silver, white

Material: Plastic, tempered glass

Power: 4 batteries (AAA)

It’s not possible to measure fitness levels using a single calculation. For that reason, it is essential to factor in several factors. With KoreScale, it is easy to tell exactly what is happening inside the body. This KoreHealth KoreScale Smart Weight Scale is a great companion to the  KoreTrak Fitness Tracker  too.

Pros of using KoreScale

Enhances motivation

Its impossible to achieve the desired fitness levels overnight! Whether you desire to slim down or bulk up, results often take time. Simply because there’s no significant weight change doesn’t mean there are no improvements. With KoreScale, it is easier to track body changes on the go.

KoreScale tracks bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, metabolic age, body water, bone mass, and visceral fat just to mention a few. All these factors are factored in the device, and this makes it easy to achieve the desired goals.

Get accurate metrics

By employing the use of high-precision sensors to track body changes with unmatched accuracy, it is easier to track body changes.

Body fat – To lose weight fast, it is important to focus on shedding body fat. The scale indicates the total body fat and this allows you to set practical weight loss goals.

Muscle mass – To increase strength when working out, it is essential to recruit the use of more muscle. By measuring muscle mass, it will be easier to check whether muscle is growing as desired.

Body water – Drinking plenty of water is advisable for hydration. Checking water weight in the body from time to time can minimize water retention.

BMI – Tracking Body Mass Index supports a healthy body weight and this is vital to keep diseases at bay.

How to use it

First and foremost, download the app on your phone and then link it to the product via Bluetooth.

Place the KoreScale on a flat surface and then stand on the device with bare feet for at least 5 seconds.

The device scans the body automatically and stores all the details.


KoreHealth products are beneficial for athletes or anyone who wants to fully recover after performing an intensive workout. These products alleviate muscle recovery and suppress strain and discomfort after workouts.

And the KoreTrak Smart Body Activity Tracking Band can help users stay active, wake up refreshed, stay connected and is fit for everyone. With intuitive tracking and one-touch controls, key health vitals like the number of steps taken or heart rate to calories burned, the no-fuss KoreTrak smart watch interface is all setup to help users achieve health and wellness goals one step and day at a time by tracking your progress and being fully adaptable to you.

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