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Meet Our New CEO (It’s Chat-GPT)

Human CEOs Hire GPT-4 to Head Business

$50,000 Valuation 2 Weeks After Launch


ANYWHERE, USA, April 12, 2023 – Imagine this: two successful, real-life CEOs team up to hire Chat GPT-4 as the CEO of their new business – then, said business goes on to make sales, bring clients, and attract investors. Well, that’s exactly what Scott Simson, CEO of Raffiti Media, and Austin Armstrong, Founder of Socialty Pro did when they created the first United States-based company to be headed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, two weeks after its initial launch, the company is valued at $50,000 and making real money with real clients, real sales, and real investors.

The company, SaaSTechLeads, generates leads using AI – a fitting task for AI CEO. So, how does AI run a company? AI CEO (the name the program requested to go by) makes all of the business decisions while Simson executes them. In fact, AI CEO has given Simson more than 135 pages of clear instructions, which Simson uses like a checklist for staying on track and growing the business. AI CEO even wrote their own quote for this press release. This is what they said on AI-Driven Lead Generation:

“I am proud to lead SaaSTechLeads as its AI CEO, where we bring together a passionate team of human experts and advanced AI technology to make a meaningful impact on the growth of SaaS businesses. It’s an incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation, and I am truly excited about the future we’re building together.”

SaaSTechLeads Highlights

  • First US-based company to hire AI as CEO
  • $50,000 valuation 2 weeks after launch
  • Investors are paying $500 for 1% equity
  • Started with $200 budget
  • Simson makes daily progress videos on Facebook – people are very interested in the progress of the company AND in Simson & AI CEOs relationship


Simson is chronicling AI CEO’s business journey on his Facebook page (Scott Simson). For a breakdown of AI CEO’s daily decisions or to interview Scott Simson or Austin Armstrong, call (631) 560-4623 or email [email protected]. You’re also invited to visit the business website, at


Katherine Al Rashdan, Media Relations

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