Cocaine is a dangerous stimulant drug that comes from the coca plant. Frequently, it’s called coke, blow, flake, or snow on the street. After all, it’s a snowy white powder. Yet, some also make the mistake of calling cocaine “crack.” In reality, crack is a different, stronger form of cocaine. Crack vs cocaine differences is easily recognizable. Specifically, crack comes in solid rocks that are whitish cream or tan.

By and large, crack comes from mixing cocaine and baking soda together. Generally, it’s heated and smoked whereas individuals snort cocaine up the nose. Despite the crack vs cocaine changes, both are highly addictive. At this instant, both substances are wreaking havoc in America. In fact, the NIH estimates that 1.5 million abuse cocaine and 400,000 abuse crack.

How Crack is Different From Cocaine

First, crack causes a much faster rush of euphoria than cocaine. To explain, users instantly get high from smoking crack and feel good for just 10 minutes. Conversely, snorting cocaine takes a few minutes to take effect but lasts up to an hour. Since crack wears off quickly, it’s considered more addictive than cocaine. Expressly, the NIDA ranks crack #2 and cocaine #5 in terms of harm behind heroin.

Second, cocaine is quite costly at around $150 for an eighth ounce. In contrast, crack is a cheaper alternative for addicts at only $10 for a tenth gram. Third, criminal laws for crack vs cocaine also differ. For example, individuals arrested for crack get at least five years for 28 grams. However, courts have the same minimum sentence for 500 grams of cocaine.

Effects of Crack Vs Cocaine

Certainly, crack and cocaine produce the same pleasurable feelings at first. That said, how they damage the body long term is pretty different. For instance, snorting cocaine can cause linings in the nose to thin. Thus, nosebleeds and recurring nasal infections are common. Since individuals smoke it, crack might lead to cancerous tumors in the lungs. Likewise, breathing problems like emphysema can develop.

When snorted, cocaine gets swallowed and effects the digestive system. In detail, cocaine users can have ulcers and stomach cancers. Additionally, addicts might switch to injecting cocaine for faster highs and contract HIV from needles. Sometimes, crack users experience delirium. In other words, they see or hear hallucinations that aren’t real. Despite crack vs cocaine differences, both can cause sudden death from overdoses too.

Treating Crack or Cocaine Addiction

Have you been abusing one or both of these drugs? Then, San Antonio Recovery Center wants to help you call it quits now. Our Texas addiction rehab programs receive accreditation for the highest care standards. Notably, our master’s level clinicians treat the whole client in a safe, supportive community. Therefore, you’ll receive the best chance of beating addiction at an affordable price. We have many options for our cocaine and crack addiction rehab program, including:

  • Residential treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Narcotics Anonymous

Don’t keep letting stimulants control your life. Instead, get clean at our drug and alcohol rehab. Ultimately, San Antonio Recovery Center helps clients restart their lives rejuvenated. Right now, call 866-957-7885 and ask about the best therapies for crack vs cocaine.

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