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The Dandie App Revolutionizes Finding a Date & Reliable Personal Services

The Dandie is a new app that facilitates finding a date and finding reliable personal services.


St. Louis, MO, May 2, 2023— As technology continues to develop and play a greater role in our lives, the way humans interact with one another also continues to change. However, these changes are not always for the better. Dating apps have become very popular, however, many find these apps frustrating and unsatisfying. People are often struggling to make meaningful connections on these apps.

Another area where people are struggling to find success is with personal services such as petsitting or finding a handyman. The Dandie is a brand new dating app that combines the best of both worlds.

The Dandie combines the traditional dating app with the opportunity to find personal services. The result is you not only are able to find the services you are looking for, but from that you can also develop new and potentially romantic relationships with other single people. Not only can The Dandie serve as a dating app for single parents, but at the same time it can also serve as a service app or handyman app.

“I have tried all the dating apps, but The Dandie is like none other. I would recommend it to anyone who is sick of traditional dating apps,” said one avid Dandie user.

The Dandie app was founded by Sarah, a single mother of two, who created the app to offer a unique approach to dating and service provision. The app is an example of empowering women-led innovation that prioritizes meaningful connections over traditional dating app swiping. “The idea came to me one day as I was having a conversation in my front yard with my tree-trimmer. I was shocked that an app like this wasn’t already available for single people.”, said Sarah.

The Dandie is easy to navigate, making it user friendly. On The Dandie, you can make traditional payments, barter, or exchange services. Based on service needs and interests, The Dandie will match you with other users to maximize the potential for long-term connections. The Dandie is available to download for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store. After a 30-day trial, the low subscription rate makes it accessible to single people from all walks of life.

So what are you waiting for? Download The Dandie today!

About The Dandie: In an age where technology is quickly advancing, we are consistently told that it’s supposed to improve the way we communicate with one another. And while technology has absolutely been instrumental in shifting our world to become what it is today it has also presented obstacles to genuine human connectivity. Two key areas where this is noticeably true are in romantic matchmaking and in finding reliable personal services when needed. According to the respected research review firm, Cloudwards over 45 percent of dating app users are left frustrated with their results. Separately, a study by the venerable Better Business Bureau affirms that 94 percent of clients will remain loyal to people and services with a strong sense of purpose and transparency. So, what if there were a platform today which can combine satisfactory personal services that could potentially lead to long-term relationships? Introducing, The Dandie app.

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