If you’re ready to spruce up your commercial site and want to know the best ways to choose a professional painting company, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn these seven tips before hiring a commercial painter.

1. Read Online Reviews

Before you contact a commercial painting contractor for a quote, you should read their online reviews first.

When researching potential painters, you want to focus on their history of good reviews. If you see a negative review, ensure it’s not a pattern, and check to see if the painter left a comment to resolve the issue.

2. Ask to See Their Work

If you want to hire a painter for your commercial facility, you should want to see them at work. When you contact painting companies, you should ask them to see their work.

They should be able to provide you with a gallery with images or you can also drive to the physical locations and witness the work first hand.

3. Check Credentials and Insurance

To ensure you spend your money well when hiring a commercial painter, you need to check their credentials. Reputable painting contractors will have a list of awards or certifications listed on their website.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to validate their reputation. Painting contractors also need to be licensed and insured to protect themselves from liabilities.

Ask to see a copy of their valid license and insurance policy.

4. Who Will Do the Work

Before hiring a painting company, you should learn who will do the work. Painting a commercial building is a large job for one person, so they hire additional employees.

Ask about the qualifications of the employees who will be doing the work.

5. Do They Offer Warranties?

Professional and reputable painters will have to problem offering you a warranty because that is how much they believe in their work.

Because most peeling issues can occur during the first year, ask them to offer you a one-year warranty.

If they refuse to offer you a warranty, this is a red flag.

6. Get Different Quotes

Before hiring a contractor, you should get different quotes to ensure you get the best deal. When you read through the quotes, pay attention to the timeline, labor cost, materials, etc.

7. Get a Written Contract

Once you finally choose a contractor, you should get a written contract with the details of the project. It should list the contractor’s information, license number, and all of the specifics you discussed with them.

If details defer from the quote you got, talk to them before you sign it.

Are You Ready to Hire a Commercial Painter?

Now that you know what to look for in a commercial painter, you’re ready to begin the search.

Before hiring a professional painter, you should read the reviews, verify their credentials, ask to see samples of their work, get multiple quotes, and review the written contract.

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