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Your HVAC business lives and dies on your ability to generate HVAC leads.

Websites, social media, and paid ads are all great…

…but there’s more to slapping together something and calling it a day.

What can you do to generate more leads for your HVAC business? How can you create a strong foothold in your community? Let’s take the next bit to amplify your reach and attract a steady stream of business potential.

Lean on Your Best Customers

Referrals are among the most powerful ways to generate more HVAC leads. Those getting referred are nearly 3-5x more likely to convert than those who aren’t.

Why are referrals so effective? Well:

  • It’s explained in an authentic way versus corporate “marketing speak”
  • It comes from a trusted source (usually friends, family, or influencers)

Just about everyone trusts referrals from someone they know. In fact, many people won’t try a product or service without them!

How can you lean on customers and get more referrals? Try:

  • Offering an incentive for engagement and patronage
  • Leverage easy-to-use referral tools and platforms
  • Stay in contact and make it a recurring topic
  • Ask to place a sign in the front lawn

Think of all the various ways you’ve been asked to help promote a business. Then, repeat that promotion as part of your referral strategies.

Build a Better Website and Online Presence

An overwhelming majority of people turn to the Web to research a local company.

If your business isn’t online — does it really exist?

You need to make having a great website and online presence a priority. The best ways to do this is through a combination of SEO, content, and branding.

SEO would involve:

Content would involve:

  • Creating helpful resources for visitors to establish your expertise
  • Enticing people to contact through sales pitches and incentives
  • Funneling people through more pages showing in search results

Branding would involve:

  • Being present on the platforms your leads are on
  • Be helpful, authentic, and transparent to the community
  • Tap into promotional tactics on social media platforms

The site and your social media is a symbiotic thing. The website fuels content shared on social media. Social engagement connects with people and directs the site. So, explore those services that amplify what you’re doing (well) with them.

Find Gaps in Your Competitor’s Efforts

Stealing from competitors is a smart business move.


Well, not a 1-for-1 recreation of your competitor’s efforts but at least using it for research and development! After all, they’ve spent money creating campaigns… wouldn’t you imagine they work if you keep seeing the same promos?

There are tons of ways to leverage your competitor’s efforts:

  • Use their site for keyword/topic research to improve SEO efforts
  • Take their best content and add more value and depth
  • Figure out where they’re attracting leads and be part of that platform
  • Build stronger campaigns off existing ads they’re running

Look at both big and small competitors for inspiration. Add a dash of creativity and you could 1-up and overtake their efforts.

Your competitors are practically providing a free blueprint for success. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if you know what they’re doing is working. So, get cutthroat and give them a real run for their money!

Create a Stronger, Branded Experience

Question: What do you do that’s different from the competition?

The answer should jump out within seconds of reading that. If it hasn’t, then you need to assess your unique selling proposition!

People latch onto experiences.

A great experience is what makes us remember a brand. It’s what gets us sharing brand names with our peers. A great experience is something to write about.

How do you combine HVAC services with lead generation efforts? Try these:

  • Offer clear, open lines of communication so there’s never confusion
  • Be prompt, courteous, and professional throughout every interaction
  • Make all touch-points intuitive and engaging, with some branding mixed in
  • Embrace tech that’ll smooth the services and tech/client interaction

Simply asking for more reviews from customers after a job can do the trick. Other times, doing a mailer or phone call follow-up will keep you on their mind. The point is to make every interaction one that reinforces the brand’s value.

What happens when you lock in this experience? Word gets around, fast!

Dominate Your “Backyard”

Can your small HVAC company compete with some of the larger entities? Sure, but it’ll take some serious elbow grease and money!

The best solution is to get hyperlocal and own your “backyard”.

Think about it:

  • How many homes are in a 50-mile radius?
  • What’s the chance of converting just 1% of them?
  • Who’s competing for your keywords in this range?

Running campaigns against local competitors are easier than major companies with million-dollar budgets. In some instances, even just having a website can put you ahead of some of the competitors!

What can you do to dominate your local market? Try:

  • Building and optimizing a hyperlocal business website
  • Getting listed in local directories and business profiles
  • Connecting with local influencers and getting promos
  • Running a slew of ads targeting local communities

You’ll find an edge over the larger competitors when going hyperlocal, too. Who knows your town better than you and the crew? Make a name for your business and it’ll become a cherished staple — that’s something big businesses can’t buy.

Get Help Generating Qualified HVAC Leads

You know your business and we know ours.

Generating HVAC leads comes with ease for our amazing team. We’ve got years of experience building successful sites and campaigns for HVAC companies. We’d love to add you to our growing portfolio of winners.

Give us a call — (941) 500-4530 — and let us know your business goals. Let’s work together in amplifying your company’s reach and opportunities.

Talk to you soon!

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