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Upsurge in Outsourcing Laboratory Supplies During the Pandemic

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Laboratories around the world are facing shortages of laboratory supplies. Increased demand for tests and other lab services puts pressure on labs, forcing scientists to complete more analyses in less time. These stresses occur in an environment with more safety protocols and personnel restrictions. Is your lab one of the many looking for better ways to access supplies? Would you like more time to conduct tests, analyses, and experiments? Outsourcing laboratory supplies and services could be the solution. Find out more about how outsourcing can benefit your lab. You’ll also learn how to find the right laboratory supply company.

What Types of Laboratory Supplies and Services Can Be Outsourced?

Laboratory outsourcing is when a laboratory hires a third-party company. The external company performs services associated with the in-house lab. You give responsibility for some part of your lab’s work to someone else. You can outsource a range of supplies and services, including:

  • Laboratory consumables, like test tubes, cuvettes, Petri dishes, and reagents
  • Equipment calibration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Installation and operational qualification

Outsourcing is a key tool that can help your lab meet the needs of your stakeholders.

Benefits of Supply Chain Outsourcing for Labs

Supply chain outsourcing brings many benefits to your laboratory. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of a reliable supply chain. Outsourcing is one way to avoid the supply chain issues that resulted from the pandemic. The right laboratory supply company helps ensure you have the supplies you need. Your ability to meet your clients’ demands improves. Third-party suppliers are better equipped to adapt to changing market conditions. They have the expertise to help you scale production. You’re able to meet the fluctuating demands of your customers. The right laboratory supply company can give you better security and visibility. You have more data on:

  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Lead times
  • Inventory levels

You can work with your third-party partner, like MarathonLS, to prepare for audits and reduce lead times.

Benefits of Laboratory Services Outsourcing

Outsourcing services gives your lab several benefits. You can outsource equipment calibration, qualification, repair, and maintenance services. Outsourcing some laboratory operations lets your scientists and technicians focus on higher-value tasks. You can save money and save time. Outsourcing lab services can make your lab more productive. You can give your clients better service and performance.


Calibrating your laboratory instruments ensures that they perform correctly. It helps you get the most accurate results. Some instruments may need calibration every day. This process is extremely important but also time-consuming. Outsourcing calibration means your staff has more time for other important tasks.

Equipment Repair, Maintenance, and Preventive Maintenance

You depend on your equipment. You need it to give your clients the highest quality service and results. Keeping your laboratory equipment and supplies working properly is essential. You can make a contract with a service provider for repairs. You can also make a contract for maintenance and/or preventive maintenance. It maximizes uptime and reduces equipment malfunctions. You gain confidence that you won’t needlessly put experiments or samples at risk.

How to Choose a Provider for Your Laboratory Supplies and Services

Outsourcing your lab supplies and services can bring you many benefits. However, the wrong provider can cause more problems than it solves. Factors to consider include the provider’s experience, expertise, and reliability. You must find the right balance between uptime requirements and the cost of services.

Experience and Expertise

You want a laboratory supply company with experience and expertise in your industry. Repair and maintenance technicians should have an in-depth knowledge of your equipment. An experienced services provider is more likely to give you higher quality results. You get more efficient service.

Delivery Process and Service Commitment

Supply shortages and uncertain conditions continue for life sciences laboratories. You need a research laboratory supply company whose supply chain is up to the challenge. Look for a provider with a record of secure and on-time shipping. When your equipment needs repairs, you want a provider who will be there on schedule. You don’t want to wait for parts on backorder or technicians who arrive late. You expect reliability in the delivery of laboratory supplies and services. It helps you give your clients the quality they need.

Quality of Supplies and Service

You need supplies that meet the demands of your lab operations. You need quality repairs and maintenance of your equipment. Using wide specification replacement parts to save money can compromise your precision. The consequences for your lab’s reputation could be severe. Look for a service provider committed to quality in their products and services.

Total Cost

The cost of lab supplies and services is an important factor when choosing a provider. However, you need to take direct and indirect costs into account. Direct costs are the money that your lab pays for services. Indirect costs include factors like how downtime affects your performance and bottom line. Losing a day is a major issue if you have an analytical lab with thousands of samples to process daily. Paying for a service plan with priority support is probably worth the cost. A lower-tier plan might be more cost-effective if your lab processes fewer samples.

Why Choose Marathon Life Sciences

MarathonLS is ready to be your partner for laboratory supplies and outsourcing services. We offer a wide range of high-quality products. Our service plans have flexible options you can tailor for your needs. We prioritize client communication, so you always know what to expect. You can count on our stable supply chain to get the supplies you need when you need them. Partnering with us for your lab services will give you more uptime. You’ll maximize your instrument performance. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the best solution.

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