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The Best Scamp Travel Trailers [Review]

The Best Scamp Travel Trailers [Review]Photo from No Credit Campers

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Traveling is fun, especially when you do it with your family, friends, and even your significant other. However, good transportation is essential to travel to places anywhere.

Many travelers prefer to use scamp camping trailers rather than a regular car. Why? Scam camping trailers are more spacious, comfortable, and compact. It sometimes includes a bathroom so that stopovers would not be necessary and you can travel without any delay and disturbances.

Are you now planning to travel using scamp camping trailers? Here are ten (10) best scamp travel trailers that you should use this 2022.

10 Best Scamp Travel Trailers Review 

Here is the list of best scamp trailers to give you some ideas and recommendations for what models are suited for you.

1. 2006 Northwood Northwind (20D) 

2006 Northwood Northwind (20D) 

First on our list is the 2006 Northwood Northwind (20D) manufactured by Northwoods. This scamp travel trailer is equipped with the necessary features to give you a smooth and comfortable camping experience throughout the year. This can be your go-to scamp trailer, especially if you spend more than a week on the road.


  • Gas heating that is temperature regulated

  • It has a rooftop air conditioning system

  • Can accommodate up to six (6) persons inside

  • Cubic Refrigerator

  • Microwave Oven and Burner Stoves

  • 30LB LP Twin Tanks

  • Stereo with CD player

  • Powered Bath Ventilation

  • Television with antenna and satellite ready

  • Gas and water heater

  • Shower and Tub

  • Lavatory

  • Batteries and Tires

2. Tigermoth Overland 

Tigermoth Overland 

When going to distant places, a cozy means of transportation is essential. Thus, the Tigermoth Overland is one of the most chosen travel trailers because of its functionality and ease of operation. It weighs less than 1,500 pounds and can accommodate two or more campers. It also comes with a spacious room to store your essentials.


  • Weight: 1,458 lb

  • Capacity: 2,400 lb

  • 12 feet, 9 inches length

  • 7 feet height

  • 6 feet, 7 inches width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

  • Convertible and spacious

  • Equipped with storage rooms

3. Micro Minnie 

Micro Minnie

The Micro Minnie would be best if you are into more deluxe and grand travel experiences. It might be costly, but it can lodge and entertain your whole squad. The design incorporates an easy-to-use Murphy bed with a conventional queen-size cushion and cross-ventilation windows.

The Micro Minnie is equipped with complete kitchen and bathroom needs such as a microwave oven, refrigerator, three burner stoves, shower, and clothes storage.


  • Weight: 4500 lb

  • Capacity: 7000 lb

  • 25 feet, 5 inches length

  • 10 feet in height, 5 inches of Air conditioning

  • 7 feet width

  • Can accommodate five persons to sleep

  • Powered by LED Lights

4. Colorado Canyonland Teardrops Trailer

If you drive an SUV model car, then the Colorado Canyonland Trailer is the recommended scamp travel trailer. Its bedroom and diner are made of wood, emitting a soft light, and a metal powder-coated plate secures the van’s bottom. It also has a bed which you can turn into a table and chair. Indeed, this scamp travel trailer model is the best choice for an extended vacation trip.


  • Weight: 1150 lb

  • Capacity: 2200 lb

  • 8.5 feet length

  • 3.8 feet height

  • 5 feet width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

  • Made from durable materials

5. Off-Grid Expedition Trailer 2.0 

Off-Grid Expedition Trailer 2.0 

Are you feeling a little bit more adventurous? The Off-Grid Expedition Trailer 2.0 is the perfect scamp travel trailer for you as it is durable for any rocky adventures that you may experience while traveling.

The Off-Grid Expedition Trailer 2.0 includes a high-quality queen-sized mattress that you can use with your family and friends. It has a built-in storage capacity, a tank of water that can accommodate 31 gallons, a freezer to store your perishable foods, dual cooktops, a sink, and a heater.


  • Weight: 1700 lbs.

  • Capacity: 3500 lbs.

  • 13.8 feet length

  • 6.6 feet height

  • 7.4 feet width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

  • Affordable

  • Made from durable materials

6. Timberleaf Off-Road Classic Trailer

Timberleaf Off-Road Classic Trailer

If you are into the looks and aesthetic of a trailer, then the Timberleaf Off-Road Classic Trailer would be the best fit for you. With its vibrant color, your trailer would stand out among the rest. The Timberleaf Off-Road Classic Trailer is the best scamp travel trailer for families, couples, and groups of friends. Moreover, it is lightweight, which means that it can be towed easily.


  • Weight: 1500 lb

  • Capacity: 3500 lb

  • 14 feet length

  • 6 feet height

  • 83 to 85 feet width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

  • LED Lights powered

  • Aesthetic interior inside and out

7. Airstream Flying Cloud Model 23 FB

Airstream Flying Cloud Model 23 FB

Are you planning to hit the road with a friend or a significant other? Then you can choose the Airstream Flying Cloud Model 23 FB. It includes the following necessities when traveling: kitchen, tables where you can dine, bathroom, and shower.

The automated thermometer and heater were quite reactive, and the sound system was excellent. The construction also regulated surface temperatures, helping to keep us cold during the day and warmly cozy at nighttime.


  • Weight: 4806 lbs. (including the batteries and gas)

  • Capacity: 6000 lbs.

  • 23 feet, 9 inches length

  • 9 feet, 9 inches in height (built with Air condition)

  • 8 feet width

  • Can accommodate four persons to sleep

8. Vorsheer XOC 

Vorsheer XOC

Needed a heavy-duty scamp travel trailer for your next road adventure? Here is the Vorsheer Extreme Overland Camper or Vorsheer XOC. The structure has increased mechanical performance and added metal eyelets that offer flex strength for extended off-road driving.

The inside of the Vorsheer Extreme Overland Camper or Vorsheer XOC has an adequate storage capacity, a box for your utilities, and a power box with two backup batteries. The shower also has a heater for colder days.

It also consists of a kitchen equipped with sufficient storage for your foods, a dual burner top, a sink, and a refrigerator.


  • Weight: 2600 lb

  • Capacity: 3600 lb

  • 15 feet length

  • 97 feet height

  • 7.4 feet width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

9. Forest River Explore Model RPod RP 193 

Forest River Explore Model RPod RP 193 

Are you traveling with your family? Don’t miss out on the Forest River Explore Model RPod RP 193 scam travel trailer. It has a queen bed perfectly convertible to a bench sofa. The kitchen also includes a spacious pantry section for the kids, a dual burner stove, and a sink.


  • Weight: 3654 lb

  • Capacity: No data

  • 22 feet, 11 inches in length

  • 9 feet, 10 inches height

  • 8 feet width

  • It can accommodate five persons to sleep (Perfect for family trips)

10. Nucamp RV Tab S Camper 

Nucamp RV Tab S Camper 

The No camp RV Tab S Camper is perfectly built for long weekend trips. It is fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area that transforms into a cozy bedroom. Although this travel trailer is a bit heavy, it can be towed using any vehicle. Furthermore, its maximum capacity is 2,900 pounds, making it a perfect trailer for couples.


  • Weight: 1946 lb

  • Capacity: 2900 lb

  • 15 feet, 3 inches length

  • 7 feet, 8 inches height

  • 6 feet, 8 inches width

  • Can accommodate two persons to sleep

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider While Buying a Scamp Travel Trailers 

Before buying a scamp travel trailer, you must consider some factors and things to worry about during a free travel adventure. Here are some things that you should consider while buying scamp travel trailers.

Density and Weight

The masses of the camping trucks should range from 1,458 to 6,122 lbs when dry. This load often does not include water capacity, fuel, battery and chargers, and other equipment such as top canopies and shelves. Give heed to the entire load of the trailer to see if it fits the cargo of your car.


One of the essential matters to consider when buying a scamp travel trailer are its tires. Tires are necessary to make your trailers run, pay close attention to the state and condition of the tires if you are buying a second-hand scamp travel trailer.

Sleeping Area

After a long tiring day, sleep is the last thing we want to do. Thus, a scamp travel trailer with a sufficient sleeping area is essential in a travel trailer.


Cooking and eating delicious food for everyone on the trip is the highlight of an adventure. Ensure that your scamp travel trailer has suitable kitchen space and equipment.


What’s more refreshing than a shower and bath? A scamp travel trailer needs to include a toilet inside.

Interior and Exterior Capacity

When traveling, it is inevitable that we are bringing many things. A spacious interior and exterior capacity is one important thing to look for in a scamp travel trailer.

Windows and Doors- Keep your family and friends safe by checking the windows and doors of a scamp travel trailer.

Other resources

These resources such as electricity, fuel, solar energy, and water are essential when traveling to distant places. Make sure to check these crucial resources before buying a scamp travel trailer.

Should You Rent or Buy a Scamp Travel Trailer? 

Whether you’re embarking on a short getaway or roaming for a whole period, these are the most important factors to ponder when deciding to lease or purchase a scamp travel trailer.

If you plan to go on a weekly vacation trip or are a camping fanatic, buying a scamp travel trailer would be the best option. It will save you more than renting or leasing a scamp travel trailer weekly for your trips.

However, if it is for one-time travel, it is recommended for you just to rent a scamp travel trailer. Buy a Used Scamp Trailer

If you are opting to buy a scamp travel trailer, it is recommended for you to purchase a used scamp travel trailer to save more. Check the buyer’s guide- things to consider while buying a scamp travel trailer.

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Wrapping it up 

Everyone loves to travel and go to incredible places. That is why a scamp travel trailer is very helpful to make your adventure comfortable, cozy, and fun together with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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