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What are the Benefits of Using Polycom Phones?

Today’s business landscape demands nothing but the best in communication.

The 9-to-5 grind is essentially dead, since business is conducted 24/7 in today’s internet and social media centric society. To improve your business communication, invest in a set of polycom phones.

This type of phone uses Voice over IP (VoIP) internet communication, rather than traditional landlines. Additionally, it features video chat, SMS, e-mail and other features.

Read on to learn why you need polycom phones in your office.

What are the Advantages of Polycom Phones?

Let’s take a clear look at why going polycom has plenty of advantages.

1. The Calls are Crystal Clear

When switching to polycom phones, users will notice incredible call quality. Thanks to high-speed Internet, voice quality is high definition.

Not only is audio quality superb, video calls stream with HD video and seamless flow. Since so much data is transferred, users can jump on conference calls with many different parties without missing a beat.

Businesses increase their sales conversions when calls are reliable and secure.

A quality phone platform doubles down on sales and marketing efforts, particularly with a hub that is this powerful.

2. The Phone System Provides Everything All in One Box

Businesses thrive using these phone systems because they have everything needed on one platform.

Not only do these phones take voice calls, businesses can seamlessly transition between video chat, mobile device synchronization, access to digital apps and so much more. By not having to switch devices, users can increase their workflow and maximize communication.

These phones make meetings a breeze and will save money in the process. Each system is equipped with LCD touchscreen technology, making it easier than ever to switch between functions and calls.

When in the market for a polycom phone system, going with VoiceOnyx is an excellent bet. Not only does this company have top quality phone systems, they place priority on security so that data and information are not compromised.

3. The Phones Are Easily Expandable

Since these phone systems do not rely on landline technology, the opportunity to expand is endless. Adding a phone line is every bit as simple as creating an email address.

Polycom phones feature plenty of hardware upgrades, allowing users to plug in various microphones to improve upon call quality. For instance, a business professional hosting a webinar might use an external mic, so that they can talk clearly from greater distances.

These phones continuously have software and firmware upgrades to improve performance as well. Upgrading firmware over the air gets rid of bugs and ensures that all platforms are operating at their best.

The Takeaway

The ability to hold seamless conference calls helps the entire company set goals and remain on the same page with all daily objectives.

Switching to this sort of phone system is a no-brainer for any business looking to reach the next level.

Touch base with a company that can help you to further improve your business marketing communication efforts. Their copywriting, marketing and sales generation services provide an excellent complement to a new phone system.

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