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The Academy at Divine Bloom: A New Wisdom School Offering Ancient & Modern Paths to Higher Consciousness


United States, December 18, 2023— The Academy at Divine Bloom, spearheaded by founder and executive director Mike Pfeiffer, a former technologist at Microsoft and Amazon, announces the launch of a unique educational platform. This innovative school combines ancient spiritual teachings from both Eastern and Western philosophies with modern psychology to guide individuals toward awakening to their highest selves.

The Academy is now accepting enrollments for a live cohort starting January 31st, 2024. This program is designed to teach participants ancient inner alchemy skills and contemporary self-actualization techniques, empowering them to unlock their latent creativity and navigate life’s complexities in our technology-driven age.

Mike Pfeiffer, the visionary behind Divine Bloom and 1209 Ventures, which led his previous startup to an acquisition in 2021, emphasizes the significance of this endeavor in today’s world. He remarks, “In a world facing environmental, social, and political challenges, awakening to our higher selves is crucial. It leads to more compassionate, empathetic, and sustainable ways of living, fostering a sense of connectedness and responsibility towards our planet and each other.”

This initiative arises at a time when technological advances and a deluge of information often lead to a disconnection from our deeper essence. The Academy at Divine Bloom aims to bridge this gap, offering a sanctuary for rediscovering inner wisdom, true values, and a sense of purpose. It promises a journey of transcendence beyond the daily noise, leading to a more profound, peaceful, and meaningful existence.

Initially offered online, The Academy plans to expand to live workshops and events, providing a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. The Academy at Divine Bloom is more than just an educational institution; it’s a movement towards a more awakened, creative, and connected world.

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