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The Best Pistol Accessories for Self-Defense

It seems as though there’s at least one news story a week about a mass shooting. There are also stories of break-ins and muggings that populate our local news stations. The last thing you want is to be caught in one of these situations unprepared.

Owning a gun can allow you to stay ready in the event of danger. A gun can be a huge step towards maintaining safety for you and your family. You can also take it one step further with pistol accessories. 

There are products for gun owners that can enhance the utility of their guns. Here are some of those products.

Grip Pistol Accessories

When you’re holding your gun, you want it to feel comfortable and secure. Our hands are shaped differently and have different textures. Pistol grips can help provide the comfort and security you want.

Most gun manufacturers make guns with interchangeable backstraps and side panels to allow maximum customization. Grips are available in many kinds of materials, like rubber, metal, and wood. 

When looking for grips, fit your gun into both hands, including your hands clasped together. 

Pistol grips can also make guns easier to shoot and conceal. Shorter grips make a gun easier to conceal. Longer grips make them easier to shoot.

If you have big hands but carry a small gun, there are grips out there that can help fit your gun into your hand. If you have sweaty palms, rubber textured grips are an excellent choice.


There are two types of ammo for guns: solid full metal jacket bullets (FMJ) and jacketed hollow-point bullets (JHP). FMJ bullets are used for target practice and plinking. JHP bullets are defensive ammunition, which is what you want when you need your gun.

JHP bullets are for hunting and self-defense. They expand on impact, increasing the damage of the pistol round. 


Laser sights make aiming and firing much easier. Lasers can be a helpful piece of gun equipment, particularly in low-light conditions. 

Lasers can help your aim when aiming from a non-standard position, like when you’re lying down.

In an ideal scenario, you’ll be able to resolve a situation without firing a shot. A laser sight can make someone think twice about their actions once they see that beam of light on their chest. 

Check out these packages if you’re interested in a laser sight.

A tactical light is excellent for low-light situations to help identify your target. A bump in the night could be anything, but with a light, you’ll know what made it before you fire. They can also disorient the person at whom you’re aiming. 

Equipment to Enhance Your Protection

Pistol accessories can help provide an edge for your gun. In high-risk situations, you’ll want the best to make sure you get out alive. Products like extra magazines, pistol grips, the proper ammo, and laser/light sights can make that happen.

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