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10 Benefits of a Murphy Bed: Vastly Improve Your Home Fashion and Lifestyle

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Experts estimate that there are more than 170 online mattress companies today. With so many options, it can make the process of buying a bed overwhelming.

Are you looking for a new bed? Is having extra space important to you? Have you ever considered purchasing a murphy bed?

Keep reading to learn more about how a murphy bed can improve your home fashion and lifestyle.

1. More Space

This is likely the number one reason most people choose to invest in a murphy bed. The features of the bed are designed to give you more space in the room that you place the bed in.

Given that you only use the bed while you are sleeping, the folding function becomes extremely beneficial when it is sitting empty for the remainder of the day.

2. Mattress Choice

One of the benefits of owning a murphy bed is that you can put whatever your favorite mattress is on it. You don’t have to buy a big set and can just purchase the bed alone.

Knowing the size of mattress that you want or already have can help in your search for your new murphy bed.

3. They Blend In With Their Surroundings

The design of murphy beds has continued to evolve and when they are folded up, they closely resemble a closet or cabinet in the room. This is a great feature if the room is used for other purposes.

With the variety of finish options, you can find one that matches the design elements that you already have in the room. You can also add on shelves or other space-saving solutions that create even more room in the space.

4. Easy to Use

Once they are set up, the bed is easy to use. They fold up and down using a spring system. Everything is inside the bed so that there are no loose straps or springs exposed on the outside.

The simplicity of use makes it a great choice for anyone from teenagers to adults.

5. Perfect For a Guest Room Space

Do you use the extra room in your house as a guest room? Depending on how often people visit, you probably use the room for other things as well.

Putting a murphy bed in your guest room can allow you to store a bed and still be able to use the room. If it is a small space, this can make a big difference and you can still store things in this room as well.

Does your guest room double as an office space? A murphy bed can be on the other side of the room and allow the room to aesthetically look like an office space.

6. Safe to Use

The different components of the bed may make you nervous that it is not safe to use. You may read the one story of the bed falling on someone.

Have you ever fallen off of your current bed? Have you hit your shin on the side of the bed?

All beds have some injury risk but they are still used by everyone. Murphy beds are no exception and just provide a more hidden element.

7. Customizable

This bed type is not one size only. There are a variety of options to customize the bed to your liking.

You can have the bed appear as a cabinet, dresser, or even desk. Thinking about the room that the bed will be placed in is key in choosing what type of bed you want.

8. Resale Value

Most improvements that you make to your home can help increase its resale value. The installation of a murphy bed can help increase resale because it is already installed and no one has to purchase it new and complete the install process.

If you choose to rent your home, this can be an appealing feature for future renters as well. It leaves the choice of a room being a bedroom or just an extra room since the bed can stay stored for as long as needed.

9. A Murphy Bed Will Pair Well With a Studio Apartment

When you think of a studio apartment you likely think of one word, small. Studio apartments have no bedroom and as a result, your bed has to be in the living area. This is not helpful when you have guests over to visit and your bed becomes the new couch.

Using a murphy bed can allow you to still have a couch and entertainment area for guests while your bed is folded up in the corner. When every square foot matters, you want to save as much space as possible. The ease of putting the bed up and down will make it a simple choice to add to your studio space.

10. Easy Install

Have you ever bought a bed and spent the entire weekend trying to install it? Did you read the manual 7 times and still struggle?

Installing a bed shouldn’t have to be a stressful experience. Murphy beds are easy to install and just need a few measurements before you settle on their final location.

Invest In a New Bed Today

Now that you have learned more about how a murphy bed can improve your home fashion and lifestyle, you can invest in one today. Buying a bed is an important purchase for your home and a murphy bed can provide the multi-purpose function you have been looking for.

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