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Tech-Driven Interior Style Trends You Need To Try In 2019

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For a long time, technology and style didn’t appear to have anything in common at all. Technology was plastic, blocky and ugly, and you did the best you could to hide it.

Today, however, that’s all changed. There’s been a marriage between style and technology on an unprecedented scale. It’s easier than ever before to create a beautiful interior spacewhich includes so-called “smart technology” to boot.

The trend isn’t showing any sign of stopping in 2019. Check out these tech-driven style trends that are making us all very excited.

Stylish Furniture That Also Charges Your Devices

One of the great things about modern technology is how small it’s become. You can now fit a wide variety of electronic components into a tiny space, giving you all kinds of options for adding functions to everyday objects.


Technology is rapidly changing how we use our furniture. So, for instance, you can now build wireless charging capabilities onto furniture and not even realise it’s there. Soft pads under the arms of sofas on or coffee tables transmit energy to your devices without you having to plug them in or anything.

Heating You Turn On And Off With A Remote

If you’re sitting watching TV and you notice it getting a little cold, the last thing you want to do is stand up, walk over to your thermostat, and put the heating on. It’s a hassle.

Heating manufacturers, therefore, now make wall mounted electric heaters which work with remote controls. You click the setting you want on your remote, and your radiator will turn on (or up), providing you with the warmth that you need. You can also hook up wireless heaters to home assistants. A simple voice command is enough to tell your radiators to switch on or off, so long as they have the correct connectivity.

Lighting That Adjusts To Your Mood

Before the advent of LEDs, it was hard for interior designers to use lighting to change the interior design of a room. Light was seen as a fixed entity in the equation. But with the rise of LED lighting, that’s all changed.

LED lights have a remarkable property. You can combine LEDs of different colours within a single bulb to create all the colours in the spectrum. This ability is making LEDs a hot interior design trend right now. For the first time, homeowners can get access to affordable, dynamic interior designs that change with their mood. You could set your LED lighting system for bright white light to help you wake up in the morning, and firelight in the evening to enable you to wind down.

Beautiful Shades That Open And Close Automatically


Shades are not only one of the most stylish additions you can make to a room, but also one of the most convenient too. Smart shades open and close according to the brightness of the sun and your preference settings. Not only that but the motor that powers them is small and silent, meaning that you can choose practically any design that you like. There’s no technology tradeoff.

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