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Tammia Guest, A Popular Female Chiropractor Expands Her Chiropractic Services to Denton And Frisco

Tammia Guest founded Rejuvenating Chiropractic, located in Dallas, Texas. She is one of Texas’s best and most popular black female chiropractors. Her chiropractic company also has offices in Denton and Frisco. Tammia improves patients’ health by treating conditions related to bones, muscles, and joints. 


Denton, TX, December 29, 2022— Tammia Guest is one of the best and most popular black female chiropractors in Dallas, Texas. She founded and now owns a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractic company called Rejuvenating Chiropractic. Her extensive chiropractic experience, race, and gender have played a role in advancing her popularity since black and female chiropractors are currently in demand. Tammia’s practice has grown to new locations in Frisco, Farmers Branch, and Carrolton TX. She is known as the most reliable chiropractor in denton tx.

Dr. Guest’s expertise in chiropractic care aims to inspire her patients to maintain healthy lifestyles through nutrition, exercise, and counseling. She works with patients of all ages who have sustained injuries through accidents, sports, their lifestyles, or old age. Throughout her career, Guest has provided individualized care focusing on the underlying causes of diseases, joint pain, and discomfort.

Rejuvenating Chiropractic offers an evidence-based approach to denton chiropractic patients’ care. This company always places clients’ needs as a top priority. It first aims to understand the patient’s beliefs, values, and preferences before applying the most appropriate care. The company utilizes chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, and therapeutic rehabilitation to achieve patients’ health goals.

Through rehabilitation therapy, Rejuvenating Chiropractic offers its patients a controlled medical environment to help their bodies heal while they regain their strength. It provides them with a safe environment to relearn activities or find new ways to do activities that may seem difficult after an accident, such as walking.

“We understand that chiropractic care should complement traditional medical care,” said Tammia Guest, the owner and founder of Rejuvenating Chiropractic. “So we use chiropractic care to put your body in alignment for proper healing. I founded Rejuvenating Chiropractic to help my patients do more than heal. I wanted them to achieve their health goals by improving their posture and alleviating their pain as well,” she added.

Apart from chiropractic care and pain management services, Rejuvenating Chiropractic provides massage therapy, corrective exercises, auto injuries, and back pain alleviation. The company also has a team of nutritional consultants who offer specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices. Dr. Guest believes that many conditions like obesity can get better with dietary interventions.

Individuals around Denton, Texas who are tired of searching “female chiropractor near me” would make a good decision booking an appointment with Tammia Guest.

About Rejuvenating Chiropractic:

We are a black-owned chiropractor-service business provider based in Dallas, Texas. Our mission at Rejuvenating Chiropractic, LLC is to serve all our clients. We offer excellent chiropractic care to help our patients reach and exceed their health goals. We assess our patients as a whole. We want to address the main concern and lead you into a pain-free lifestyle.

Contact Information:

Name: Tammia Guest
Organization: Rejuvenating Chiropractic
Address: 13612 Midway Rd, Suite 412
Phone Number: 972-661-1922

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