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Group Therapy Activities For Substance Abuse

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One out of every seven Americans experiences substance abuse in some form. Dealing with substance abuse and addiction is a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted approach. For this reason, residential treatment centers focus on individual counselingand group therapy activities. As a result, individuals can help introspection and healing. The following information covers some of the many benefits of group therapy activities.

What Purpose Does Group Therapy Serve?

Group Therapy Activities and SessionsWhile individual counseling is an essential aspect of healing for many people, group settings offer many advantages. For one thing, many individuals are much more inclined to open up as part of a group because they feel the emotional support of the other members. Additionally, group therapy provides the ability to perform some healing exercises that most likely not possible by yourself or at home.

3 Common Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

Group therapy activities involve a broad range of therapeutic approaches for adults. Below, presents the three most commonly used group therapy practices to take to demolish your substance abuse.

1. Communication Activities

Those suffering from substance abuse and addiction often face difficulties with proper communication and relationship-building skills. Various group therapy activities help teach individuals how to improve their communication and listening skills. As a result, better relationships develop with others and build self-esteem.

2. Self-Esteem Therapy

It’s not uncommon for those facing addiction to have difficulties trusting others, especially when it comes to divulging personal information that leaves them feeling vulnerable. However, believing another person on a deeper level can be an empowering experience. Trust building activities in group settings help improve the level of connections a person can experience with their peers.

3. Team Building

Most of the activities we perform as adults require us to act as part of a team. Whether that team is our immediate family or our co-workers, taking the initiative to serve as a unified front is a necessary skill in a productive life. Group therapists often utilize activities to build upon the skills required to come together and act as a team with a common goal in mind.

Group Therapy Activities at Memphis Recovery Center

Memphis Recovery is a residential addiction treatment center located in Memphis, Tennessee. All individuals facing addiction have different struggles and goals. Therefore, our Tennessee rehab center focuses on tailoring a specific treatment plan to each as needed. We offer a variety of personal and group therapy interventions. Even more, we strive to ease the healing process, along with providing the comforts and amenities of home.

In addition to proven group therapy activities, recovery programs at MRC include:

If you are facing addiction, you don’t have to go through the process alone. You can overcome your addiction with our powerful drug rehab program. Above all, find out how we can put you on the path to recovery by calling us at 866-304-8254.

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