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Relationship Counseling: What Is It and 7 Signs You Need It

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Did you know that there are over 600,000 divorces every year? If you have been struggling in your own relationship (whether you’re married or divorced) you might be considering relationship counseling. We have put together this guide to share exactly what relationship counseling is and the top signs that therapy for couples is a must.

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1. Communication

If you have noticed that your communication is almost non-existent with your partner, this is a sign that it might be time to enlist the help from a professional. The longer couples go without communicating or sharing their feelings with each other the more likely they will fight.

Eventually this will build up resentment and will create a negative tone in the home. It makes it more difficult to communicate calmly when you try to restart the conversation or pick up where things left off last time. Enlisting the help from a reputable professional such as Naya Clinics will give you both a controlled space to speak to each other in a calm manner than trying to hash things out on your own at home.

2. Finance Arguments

A difficult topic to speak about in most relationships is money. If someone in the relationship is secretly spending money, being closed about their finance issues, or hiding aspects of their finances, this can lead to mistrust.

Working as a team when it comes to finances is imperative to not arguing about money.

3. Infidelity

If someone in the relationship is considering cheating on their partner because they are unhappy this is a sign that couples therapy is a must. Instead of acting on those feelings or desires reach out to a couples’ therapist.

The truth is that you might not be craving a new partner, but instead you are looking for something you feel you have lost with your current partner. Couples therapy exercises can help you rekindle that old flame.

4. Same Fight Over and Over

Another sign that you might need to seek counseling from a professional is if you keep having the same recurring fight with no resolution. This tends to happen when partners attempt to move forward without resolving their issues.

When situations arise, it is best to deal with the problem at hand head on, instead of sweeping it under the rug, hoping it will go away on its own. The truth is that this will fester and not simply disappear because it will always be on the back of your minds.

With counseling, you can both understand the cause of your conflicts and how to deal with them and resolve conflicts in the future.

5. Changes in the Bedroom

Although it is normal to have a drop in desire with one another after years of being together, a loss of connection and intimacy is another reason for less sex. This topic is difficult for many to bring up because of fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Counseling is a way to address the issue of sex without any judgement. This safe and professional environment can help you both focus on connecting and wanting each other sexually again.

6. Lack of Trust

Without trust there is no relationship. Once the trust is gone it is a difficult path to regain that trust again. Putting trust on the back burner is no way of moving forward, it will eventually make you both feel like you’re against each other.

Couples need to be on the same team where they seek help from each other and not rely on family and friends because they don’t trust speaking with their partners. A therapist can help you both understand what is the root cause of this lack of trust and show you ways to build this trust back up.

7. Trauma

Trauma can break down any relationship no matter how strong it is. Trauma can come in all sorts of ways such as the loss of a child, a miscarriage, a pet dying, etc. Grieving and withdrawing from the relationship will strain it and will lead to resentment, anger, and arguing.

Learning how to cope with the trauma instead of withdrawing will make it easier to move forward in the relationship without breaking up.

What Is Relationship Counseling?

Now that we went over the top signs that you might need relationship counseling, we want to make sure you understand what this type of counseling is. Most people are under the impression that couples therapy is the last resort for a couple that is on the verge of divorce, but the truth is there’s more to it.

Therapy can indeed help with avoiding divorce, but it can also help improve any relationship. If you need assistance and help from a professional, this is not a sign that your relationship is about to fall apart. Instead, this is a sign that you are both willing to engage in therapy to make things work out for the best.

Ready for Relationship Counseling?

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of relationship counseling and the top signs you might need it, you can make an informed decision if couples therapy is exactly what you need. Whatever your reasons are for counseling, it never hurts to try out therapy because it will help you clarify both of your priorities and help you gain better insight into yourself.

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