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Swiping Meeting Apps Just Got Swiped! Disrupts the Meeting and Dating App World

A non-toxic way to meet friends not one night stands. What social networking should be.


Philadelphia, PA, October 17, 2023— In the vast digital landscape where swiping left and right has become the norm and vanity metrics dictate popularity, the clamor for authenticity has never been louder. As loneliness reaches epidemic proportions and our dependency on social media continues to rise, there’s a growing disconnect between the online personas we project and our real selves. In short, Dating, other ‘meeting apps’, and social media has failed us.

Enter Spinnr, a game-changing platform redefining digital connections. Doing away with superficiality, it replaces static photos with dynamic video experiences-offering an authentic window into users’ lives. Whether you’re showcasing your hobbies, sharing a joke, or just giving a glimpse of your day, Spinnr provides a platform to meet individuals who will resonate with your true self. The core mantra? Find Friends Not Lovers.

What’s buzzing right now are Spinnr’s “Squads,” specialized private community groups. These micro-communities allow individuals to foster deeper connections based on shared interests, hobbies, or values. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, happy person looking for a new friend nearby or in a new city, single mom, a budding chef, or a comedy enthusiast, there’s a Squad for you. Maybe you want to travel and want to find a new friend to do that. And if there isn’t, the app gives you the power to create one. can be found on the app store, google play and soon via the new integrated web presence.

Unlike other “meeting apps”, with Spinnr you are not bombarded Spinnr with ads or push for premium features, or influencers. Every user enjoys an ad-free experience, with unrestricted access to video chats. There are No upcharges, no hidden costs-just pure, authentic connections.

“I just want to meet nice new people that share my values and personality.”

Taking the virtual experience offline, Spinnr also encourages and enables real-world meetups. The app’s unique event section allows users to converse about forthcoming events, ensuring that when they meet, it’s as acquaintances, not strangers. The innovative “no stress meeting button” further solidifies Spinnr’s commitment to fostering genuine relationships.

Beyond its user-centric features, Spinnr has earned accolades for its unwavering focus on privacy. Opting out of the numbers game, Spinnr eradicates likes, comments, and follower counts. The result? A platform where users feel safe to be their genuine selves, free from the pressures of online validation.

User data is sacred, and Spinnr knows it so Spinnr prioritizes user privacy, handling data with the utmost care.

Moreover, embracing technology to enhance user experience, the platform introduces “Spinny,” an AI-powered chatbot. Beyond the usual AI capabilities, Spinny is adept at suggesting friends based on mutual interests, making friend-finding a breeze.

In an era where digital friendships often border on the superficial, Spinnr emerges as a beacon of hope.

Prioritizing authenticity, privacy, and genuine connections, it stands out as an antidote to the loneliness epidemic sweeping the globe. As the digital age continues to evolve, platforms like Spinnr pave the way for a more connected, less lonely future. WWW.Spinnr.App

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