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Skincare ingredients, how long does it take for them to work?

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A very common question or better yet frustration is how long does it take for skincare ingredients within a certain product to work?
First of all, every skin is unique and takes its own time to adjust toa new product or treatment. Something that works for one person does not necessarily work for another and vice versa.

Second, the is no magic ingredient or solution which will achieve results in record time, it takes persistence and patience. In some cases, you need to acknowledge that a certain product is just not meant for you and move on.

However, there are some approximations on how long it takes for a specific ingredient to show if it is working or not.

How long it takes for skincare ingredients to show results

Here are examples of some of the most popular skincare ingredients and the average period it takes for them to show results.

Vitamin C, continuous use for 3 weeks, will have you notice your skin brighten, your tone balance and your overall skin appearance improve.
Salicylic acid, takes up to 12 weeks to start showing a reduction in pore size, fewer whiteheads
Benzoyl peroxide takes 12 weeks to show improvement in acne treatment.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid takes only a few minutes for skin hydration-yes, really! For fine lines and wrinkles it takes up to 8-9 weeks, although you might notice some improvement instantly.
Retinol: shows amazing results in 8-12 weeks.
Alpha hydroxy acids work almost right away. The same goes for caffeine which takes only a few hours to show first results.
Niacinamide when used reduce redness takes four weeks to work. For oiliness improvement it takes somewhat from 2-6 weeks to see results in the skins appearance.
Postbiotics as super foods for skin, take 2-4 weeks to show improvement in skin hydration and elasticity,
reduction of wrinkles and skin sensitivity!


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