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Guusto Adds Over 20 New Merchants Where Customers Can Redeem Gifts

The employee recognition and rewards platform has added over 20 new merchants where customers can redeem gifts. The new traders include H&M, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, Spotify, Harry Rosen, Microsoft Xbox, and Doordash.


Vancouver, CA, September 9, 2022— Guusto has announced the addition of over twenty new merchants from which customers can redeem gifts. The employee recognition and rewards software helps human resource (HR) departments motivate their staff through gift cards. Employees then redeem these gift cards to get products, services, tickets, vacation offers, and more from collaborating merchants.

“We are excited to announce that we’ve added over twenty new merchants from which customers can redeem gifts. Our platform is committed to strengthening the relationship between employers and employees through employee gift cards. With more merchants, recipients can choose something they actually want and redeem their gifts for a diverse array of different rewards and experiences,” said Skai Dalziel, Guusto Co-Founder and CEO.

Employee recognition gift cards are essential because they make staff love their work and workplace. HR leaders use Guusto’s employee recognition tools to boost engagement, inspire performance, attract talent, align teams, and retain the best talent. Guusto has collaborated with over 100 merchants to offer an array of choice that appeals to everyone. Some of the newly added merchants include:

● Bath & Body Works (US & Canada)

● Bed, Bath & Beyond (Canada)

● Harry Rosen (Canada)

● H&M (US &Canada)

● Shopify

● Microsoft Xbox (US)

● Doordash (US)

Since its launch in 2013, Guusto has been an industry leader in helping businesses cement their relationships with staff through employee recognition gift cards. The program is flexible, letting recipients redeem their gifts for what matters to them, from restaurants, cinemas, online stores, and more. This expansion shows the company’s continued commitment to helping HR leaders recognize outstanding work and transform culture.

“Guusto’s flexible employee gift card program offers enough choice to appeal to anyone. From retailers to restaurants, aquariums, hotels, and cinemas to streaming services, your employees can find something they want. As a result, they will value and appreciate their rewards, maximizing the impact of your employee recognition program,” explained Dalziel.

Besides employee incentive gift cards, Guusto helps businesses stay above competitors through customer rewards and surprise gifts. Through professional customer loyalty and rewards software, enterprises can reach out to prospects, engage new customers and build loyalty through surprise gifts and incentives.

Guusto is simple to use, scalable, flexible, and inclusive. It also has fair and transparent pricing, can integrate seamlessly with HR management software, and provides reports with actionable insights. Additionally, it lets you send a free test gift to understand how the employee recognition program works.

About Guusto:

Guusto is an employee recognition and rewards software that assists human resource leaders in boosting employee engagement, recognizing talent, team alignment, and attracting new talent. It helps companies with 200 plus employees recognize outstanding work and shape amazing culture. Through collaboration with over 100 merchants, the software offers employee gift cards that recipients can redeem to get something they want.

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