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SkillSpace: The Life-Changing Work App That Connects Skilled Workers to Construction Companies


Orlando, FL, December 31, 2021 — We understand the pain of finding a great roofing crew, welder, HVAC technician, etc. It just stinks, but luckily for you: SkillSpace Construction Job App is here to help!

For a fraction of the price of a usual recruiter, they let you connect directly with unlimited crews and tradesmen in your area, allowing you to search through pictures of their work and filter profiles by trades and skills. You can even post up to 10 jobs at a time, and they’ll help you fill them!

How do they do it? It is very simple. If you’re a company create an account and scroll through tradesmen and crews in your area. No more terrible resumes, you can just view images of past work, experience, and qualifications, connect directly, translate messages between English and Spanish, and find high-quality help without having to spend money on ads or recruiters. Their goal is to make hiring in construction as simple as possible.

As a crew you’ve probably scrolled through Craigslist, maybe you knocked on doors, or maybe you made phone calls to people you’ve worked with in the past, hoping they’ve got more work for your guys. But before Skillspace, there were 0 websites or apps which gave independent construction crews the chance to be found that’s why they built one. At SkillSpace, they know isn’t easy to keep a crew working; in fact, that was their main inspiration for building this. By solving this problem for you they only ask you one simple thing: give them a chance that will change your working life and make an account with them. It’s quick and free.

Once you do it, keep that account updated with the best images of all of the great work that you do -the better your account, the better this works- in exchange, they’ll spend all of our time and energy finding companies looking to hire crews. You can even apply directly to jobs meant specifically for crews with one click, so if your crew is great, they’ll put you in a position to be found. It’s that easy… and free.

If you’re an individual worker, don’t worry: SkillSpace also has your back! Because when you’re good at what you do, you probably want to demand the highest pay from the best employers and you also probably have a bunch of great work to show off, so they’re going to take that work and get it making you more cash.

SkillSpace is absolutely free for crews and individuals looking to land more work. For companies looking to hire skilled labor, we’re a fraction of the price of recruiters with way less headache. The app is available on both iOS and Android for individuals and crews to manage their accounts (companies should use the website). Getting started only takes a couple of minutes.

Visit for more information about this life-changing app. Download their app, and let SkillSpace make your working life easier!

About SkillSpace: SkillSpace connects skilled workers to construction companies through our contractor or company finder app for iOS and Android.

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Name: Frank Hesburg
Organization: Skillspace
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Phone: 4077988389


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