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Silver vs. White Gold Jewelry: Which is the Right Jewelry for You?

What do the “Roaring Twenties” and jewelry have in common?

While the 1920s are mainly thought of as a time for social and political changes, they also were an important era for the fashion industry. It was during the 1920s that Americans learned how to give gold pieces the appearance of being white. Thus starting the famous battle between silver vs white gold jewelry.

While some fashionista’s swear by the power of silver, others are strict believers in wearing white gold. Yet, the truth is, you don’t have to limit yourself to only using one type of metal.

When you know when to wear white gold jewelry vs silver accessories, you can have the both of best worlds! Read on to find out everything you need to know to make white gold or silver work for you.

Silver vs White Gold

White gold is a mix of pure gold metals and other metals. The other metals blending with the pure gold makes the entire element become a harder piece of metal.

Typically, the metals that they use in white gold are palladium, silver, or nickel. White gold usually has 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc alloys. The properties of each white gold depend on what specific alloys they use to make it.

Whether you’re looking at white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, they all contain pure gold. The pure gold mixing with the other alloys is a signature characteristic of gold’s ability to be durable and strong.

Why White Gold Is White

White gold is special because along with the other alloys mixed in with the pure gold, they also cover it in rhodium. The precious metal rhodium comes from the same metal family as platinum.

On top of providing the white gold jewelry piece with additional strength, rhodium deserves the credit for the way white gold shines. The luxurious white surface is all thanks to the way the platinum-like metals reflect the light.

White Gold Can Change Colors

If you have a piece of white jewelry and it starts to turn yellow, don’t worry, this is a completely normal process. Your white gold jewelry pieces can change color over time.

The reason for the color change is that the rhodium coating is wearing off. Without the rhodium there to create the famous white sheen, the yellow gold colors begin showing from underneath. Over time, every piece of white jewelry will succumb to changing its color.

Certain factors can speed up the color-changing process. Factors like the pH levels of your skin, or the household chemicals you use, can influence how long your white gold jewelry pieces sparkle. Luckily, you can go to professional jewelry experts to have a new coat of rhodium put on your white gold pieces.

When to Wear White Gold

One of the biggest advantages white gold brings to the table is its ability to be neutral. Classic movie start looks, or classic chich styles, go best with neutral styling options. For example, wearing dark, neutral colors, means you can add in more bling into other areas of your outfit.

Your white gold jewelry will contrast nicely against dark colors or even all-black outfits. Plus, since white gold is a neutral choice, literally everything you have matches with it.

Minimize Number of Accessories

Since white gold jewelry is luxurious all on its own, you won’t need a lot more to make a bold fashion statement. For this reason, try to avoid adding in too many eye-popping accessories, and instead keep the number of big accessories down to 1 or 2.

For example, you could wear white gold earrings and a white gold ring. Yet, wearing the earrings, a ring, and a necklace in white gold, can make the outfit appear gaudy.

Colors That Go with Silver Jewelry

On its own, silver is a fairly soft and malleable metal. To make silver stronger, jewelry makers will mix the silver metals with copper and other alloys. When you combine silver with copper the result is sterling silver.

Silver Isn’t Neutral

At first glance, it might be tempting to categorize silver as a neutral color, the same way white gold is. Yet, even though silver works with a variety of styling options, this metal is anything but neutral.

Silver offers a unique opportunity to express a colorless type of color, that contrasts well with blacks, whites, or grays. Whereas white gold, will tend to disappear if you put it up against a white or gray outfit, silver will shine!

Contrast Silver With Dark Colors

Since silver isn’t an overwhelming color, you’ll be able to add some bling to your outfit, without making too large of a statement. Of course, if being bold is what your sense of fashion is all about, silver can help with that too. We find that wearing deep purple colors and multiple silver accessories, can create a fun and playful fashion look.

Save With Silver

Are you a believer that bigger is better? If you’re looking for a less expensive styling option, silver might be the best choice for you. Since silver costs less, it’s usually easy to buy large jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

Wholesale jewelry stores have a variety of silver accessories you can choose, and they’re usually half the price. Accessories like, large silver hoop earrings, or ornate silver necklaces, can add a sense of flair to any outfit.

Combine Silver and White Gold

You can choose to combine silver with white gold jewelry to create a truly stunning appearance. Since white gold jewelry pieces tend to be more expensive than silver, try just buying 2 pieces with white gold.

Then you can purchase 3-5 silver pieces that vary in size and price. Layering silver pieces with white gold, against a dark outfit, create a unique styling look that’s sure to draw attention.

Try a New Look

In the battle between silver vs white gold jewelry, everyone’s a winner. Whether you choose to create a classy style using delicate white gold earrings, or you spice things up with a splash of silver, you really can’t go wrong. All that matters is that you enjoy your sense of style, and have fun playing with it!

We find that sometimes the best way to try to find your best look is by seeing what the celebrities are doing. After all, celebrities are famous for breaking the barriers of the fashion world.

Are you ready to find the look you’ve always dreamed of? Check out what your favorite celebrities are wearing in our Entertainment section, now!

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