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5 Tips For Styling Airbnbs And Attracting Guests

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Running a short-term rental out of your home or second property can be a successful way to earn a secondary income. For certified Short-Term Rental Stylists, Airbnb hosts and investors are valuable clients. You need to create an attractive and comfortable space to attract guests. Here are 5 tips for styling your Airbnbs and attracting guests to maximize your earning potential.

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Reduce or avoid clutter to make the space inviting when styling an Airbnb. Guests want to feel like they’re on vacation, not facing the messes and stresses of home. Opt for only a few pieces of artwork and plants rather than many trinkets and accessories.

Most importantly, clear the space of personal items such as your own family photos, medications, and religious or political items. Airbnb guests don’t want to feel like they’re staying in someone else’s house.

Tip 2: Invest in Comfort

Soft sheets, welcoming pillows, large rugs, and folded fresh white towels go a very long way in comfort. They make the Airbnb guests feel like they’re somewhere special and luxurious, not just in the spare room of a stranger’s home.

Stash extra blankets in a cabinet, provide small comforts like luxury lotions and soaps, and stock a few beautiful and interesting books on the bedside table.

Tip – These are our favorite sheets for our Airbnbs.

Tip 3: Make Functionality A Priority

When staging an Airbnb, you want it to look good, but it has to be functional too. Think about how you’ll clean the space, and what guests will need. For example, using open shelving is a great way to ensure guests don’t accidentally leave items behind.

Guests need somewhere to put their toiletries, clothes, and other personal items. Opting for open shelving – instead of closets or cabinets – makes it harder to forget things when packing up to leave.

Tip 4: Bring on the Amenities

Offer guests comfort with carefully-selected amenities like coffee makers, irons, WiFi, and air conditioning. Choose amenities that are listed as search options on AirBnB to draw in selective guests. That way, if they specifically search for an amenity, such as whether washers and dryers are available, your listing will pop up, making their choice easier.

Tip 5: Focus on Photography

The final tip in our 5 Tips for Styling Airbnbs and Attracting Guests is photography. Just like home staging, photography is one of the most important aspects of styling an Airbnb. Guests decide where to stay based on the photos accompanying the listing. Learn more about how to photograph a staged room here.

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