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Six Advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Home

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While most people go into a home design project with an idea of what they want, pulling all the pieces together is often much more difficult than anticipated. There are many advantages of hiring an interior designer to help plan and execute your home project without stress and unknowns. Your home should be a reflection of your style and look amazing at the same time. You deserve to live in a space that is functional for your needs and can change with you over time. This doesn’t happen without quite a bit of effort. An interior designer can help take some pressure off you as the homeowner. Here are just some of the advantages of hiring an experienced designer for your home.


Most Interior Designers Have Professional Training

Look for an interior designer who spent years educating themselves on the industry. Some have two- or four-year degrees. Many have experience through their studies and travel to other countries such as Europe, South America, and all across the United States. Research your designer’s credentials and look carefully at their personal portfolio to determine years of experience in the field as well as awards they may have received and any publications in which they may be featured. At CRT Studio, we welcome you to view our extensive online portfolio as a window into a variety of our best home designs.


Interior Designers Have Access to a Network of Professionals in Your Area

Because designers already work in the field of home improvement, we have access to all the connections you need. This may be the biggest advantage of hiring a designer for your home. Our knowledge of the finest craftsmen, best contractors, and reliable subcontractors can make your entire project less overwhelming. Strong communication between the designer and contractors is key. This is a huge help in ensuring that all the supplies are delivered on time, and the job is executed correctly the first time. A little-known fact is that designers also have access to many products and materials that are not available to the general public, which can truly make your space one of a kind. Take the guesswork out of choosing who to hire for the side jobs and call on tried and true professionals who are certain to impress you with their expertise.


Your Interior Designer Will Come to Your Project with Fresh Eyes

Another major advantage of working with a designer is that they can interpret the ideas you have dancing in your mind into a tangible plan and determine whether the ideas will be practical in the actual space. A skilled designer will guide you as to where to spend your money for the best investment and where your money is better saved. at CRT Studio, we have the unique ability to see the full picture—what will work in your home, and we consider all the smaller, fine details as well. Aim to create a home that fits your lifestyle and is aesthetically pleasing.


Interior Designers Are Skilled Project Managers

You deserve the security of having a design professional manage your home project and be your advocate. We act as a liaison between all of the issues that present themselves with a large project. There are many moving parts that need to come together, and if there’s an issue in one area, it can throw the whole project off. Designers can intercept an issue before you are even aware of it. This affords you the ability to enjoy the process and focus on the transformation of your beautiful home.


An Interior Designer Can Actually Save You Money

Frequently, good intentions and risky decisions can lead to costly mistakes. For example, have you ever purchased a piece of furniture only to find out it was too big for your space once it was delivered? Or chose a paint color that looked nothing like you expected it to after the second coat was complete? An experienced designer can guarantee that not only the correct size furniture will be purchased, but that the quality is superb as well. We will select the appropriate colors, quality furnishings, and materials. All orders will be placed properly and tracked for precise timing. Designers are also helpful in working within your financial budget and will keep you informed as to where every penny is going, so your money is well spent.


An Interior Designer Will Save You Precious Time

Just as a designer can save you money, we will save you time as well. Our keen eye and experience give us that sense of what needs to be done and when it should take place. It is a huge time saver to have a designer foresee a project’s needs rather than react to a mistake. Doing things on your own involves a lot of risks, and you can’t be sure that things will turn out as you planned. A trained designer prides themselves on the ability to envision your dream and execute it flawlessly from start to finish.

An experienced design professional comes with a host of ways to advise, plan, and execute your home project without the stress and worry of juggling all the aspects of doing it yourself. We have the unparalleled ability to push the bar as we find the solution to designing a difficult space and use our trained eye and confidence to think outside the box, creating a unique design that provides the wow-factor you are looking for. Your home is your sacred space, and you deserve to love it. Let us help!

Feeling encouraged to reach out? See why CRT Studio is an award-winning interior design firm. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Rob Tuner of CRT Studio at (407) 440-4446 or [email protected].



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